Entebbe City, Entebbe District

Entebbe Uganda – Entebbe town is one of the big cities in in central Uganda and it is located on the peninsula of Lake Victoria and it about 37 kilometers from southwest of Kampala capital city. Originally Entebbe was the first seat of government of Uganda as a protected state before independence. Entebbe city is home to the Entebbe international airport and is the largest commercial site of Uganda and a military airport. Entebbe also harbors the state house which is the official office at the same time residence of the president of Uganda.

Entebbe city is located on the shores Lake Victoria which is the largest lake in Uganda. Entebbe town is situated in Wakiso district and it covers an area of about 56.2 square kilometers. Entebbe municipality is bordered by Bugonga, Nakiwogo, Katabi, kitooro, Lugonjo and Nsamizi.

Historical background of Entebbe

In Luganda language, Entebbe means seat and this were the town derives its named; the Buganda called the place Entebbe because initially the Buganda chief used to sit here to judge legal matters. Later the colonial masters picked interest in the area and turned it into their administrative and commercial site in the year 1893 and the ideal was initiated by sir Gerald port who had settled in the area and this was a britsh a colonial commissioner. Due to his influence port bell had to become Kampala’s harbor. Apparently you will encounter with ancient jetty which were used by the Lake Victoria ferries

Tourist’s attractions in Entebbe Uganda

Entebbe botanical Gardens

The gardens are close to Gately Inn Entebbe accommodation and it’s a walkable distance if staying at this hotel. The gardens are home to over 320 exotic plant species plus a diversity of bird species and mammals. It covers an area of about 40.7 square kilometers and it was established in 1898. The botanical gardens are open for tourist and you can get a chance animals like colobus Monkey plenty as well as birdlife.

Night life in Entebbe

There are numerous restaurants, clubs and bar which are open until morning. These have a variety of drinks which include the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages such as beers, spirits, wines, mojitos, and fruit juices among others.

Visit the Reptile village in Entebbe

This is one of the ideal places to visit for travelers who like to see reptiles. The Reptile village is a sanctuary of distinctive kind of Reptiles such as cobras, Lizard, leopard tortoise, Nile monitor, the Jackson chameleon among others. One of the main purposes of establishing the reptile village was to create a studying center about the Reptiles and educate about their importance of their existence and the benefits.

Visit the beaches

Entebbe is home to numerous mesmerizing white sandy beaches which allow extremely interesting water sports activities such as swimming, volley ball plus sun bathing while relaxing the beach. Some of the beaches in Entebbe include botanical beach, resort beach, imperial resort beach among others. There a lot of entertaining music at the beach, delicious food cuisines and drinks of choice to cheer up your day at the beach.

Shopping malls

Entebbe is home to famous two shopping centers which are well stocked such as victoria Mall these feature a wonderful numbers of restaurants that serve international cuisines; there are also African true handmade crafts, being sold at the crafts shops with in the malls. You can therefore visit the malls to buy a souvenir for your loved ones.

Visit Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC)

The famous original name for this place is a UWEC and it is located on the shores of Lake Victoria in Entebbe. It was established in 1994 with the main purpose of sensitizing people of Uganda about the importance of wildlife conservation. UWEC allows you to have a taste of the Uganda wildlife found in various natioanl parks but surviving under captivity. You will see animals like the lions, elephants, leopards, pythons, crocodiles and chimpanzees thus the experience can be so thrilling and fascinating.

Ngamba Island- chimpanzee sanctuary

The place is a famous home to huge impressive population of chimpanzees and majority of the numbers are orphaned chimpanzee which were rescued from poachers. When you visit the chimpanzee Sanctuary, you will get a chance to feed them and get an insight to learn more the chimpanzee lifestyle behavior.

Mabamba Wetland For birding

This is one of the great places to enjoy birding and the perfect place to spot the shoe bill stork. You can explore the place on a boa cruise experience. To trek the shoebill stork can be done in the morning due to the fact that, it is the time when the bird is stalking the mudfish plus the small frogs which is their favorite prey. The Mabamba Island harbors a few wildlife such as; the antelopes as well as monkeys.