Eswatini Safari Parks and Reserves

Swaziland’s national parks are small in size but offer far beyond your expectations. It is one of the few African countries that shelter the Big 5. The prominent national park in Swaziland is Hlane royal national park.

Hlane Royal national park

This is the finest destination for rhinos in Swaziland. It is the largest and is situated in the northwest part of Swaziland. It is also a home to 3 of the rest of the big 5 (elephant, lion and leopard apart from buffalo), nyala, wildebeest, along side over 250 bird species. . Lions can only be seen on a guided game drive because they are kept in a separate enclosure. The park is alos a good destination for birders.  Mopre activitieed at this park include nature walk, mountain biking, over night bush treks, and cultural visits. A perfect time to enjoy the activites of Hlane national park is during the dry sason from May to septmber when wildeife can easily be spotted due to dry grass and converging at water bodies.

Malolotja nature reserve

Malolotja nature reserve is Swaziland’s most specular destination for hiking. it is situated 30km north of the capital. It has a great population of antelopes and birds alongside stunning vegetation with beautiful flowers. Other animals in th apark are zebra, blue wildebeest, baboons. Wildlife here is also featured by Malolotja waterfalls. Qactivities at the park canopy trail zip lining, hiking and camping.

Mkhaya game reserve

This one is located in southeastern Swaziland and keeps the famous rhinos, elephants and Livingstone’s eland among others which can be seen on game drives in vehicles or while moving on foot. It boasts for being a home to over 140 bird species which are easily spotted from November to April.

Mbuluzi game reserve

Mbuluzi game reserve is privately owned and increase in population of animals is a sign that managent is doing a good job to protect the animals. It is well located at the bttom of Lebombo mountains, peacefully hosting  animals that are not dangerous and 400 bir species. Activities of the park are hiking, mountain biking, birding and guided walks.

Mlilwane wildlife sanctuary

This is one of the most visited national parks in Swaziland and can easily be accessed from Ezulwini. It also has animals that are not danderous and therefore is a good destination for nature walks. Animals in the park include hippos, zebra, greater kudu, blue wildebeest, warthog, nyala, caracals, impala and over 400 bird species. Other activities of the park are mountain biking, village visits for cultural experience, and horse ride.

Mlawula nature reserve

Mlawula nature reserve has a small number of animals but boasts for the variety of bird species- over 350 species. Animals at the park are zebra, waterbuck, spotted hyena, leopard, eland, giraffe,bushbuck, greater kudu, klipsringer, hippo and crocodile. The park stretches to the summit of Lubombo Mountains which are a backdrop for stunning views and has trails for hiking. Activities done; birding, nature walks.