Wildlife in Swaziland / Wildlife in Eswatini Swaziland is a small country but houses most of the world’s favorate species of animals and birds for wildlife lovers. They are featured by beautiful vegetation on mountains, valleys and the gorgeous plains. Most of its national parks anfd geme reserves are peaceful homes of none dangerous animals. Hlane national park is the only one with lions. Which are kept in a separate enclosure. It also has white rhino and elephant white Mkhaya is a home to black rhino and Cape buffalo making the big 5 complete. Other animals in Swaziland arwe hippo, wildebeest, leopard, sable antelope, Livingstone’s eland, tsessebe, nyala, warthogs, crocodiles, giraffes and others.

The best time to do a safari for wildlife viewing in Swaziland is during the dry season from June to September when animals are commonly spotted around water bodies. However, those that visit the place before or this period may still be able to spot quite a big number of animals because the wildlife reserves are small.

Wildlife in Swaziland / Wildlife in Eswatini