Ethiopia is blessed with incredible national parks that have got wonderful unique wildlife wonders that cannot be found elsewhere in the world although the wildlife in the parks has few species and populations. Some of the national parks and reserves in Ethiopia include;

Bale Mountain National Park, this is dominated by the extensive afro-alpine plateau as well as highland forests. The park was reserved to   protect the endangered mountain Nyala and Ethiopia Wolf which are endemic mammals. Other wildlife animals include lions, leopards, greater and lesser kudu, Bohor Reed buck, wart hog, Simen wolf and Menelik’s among others.

Semien Mountains National Park, this is one of the best destinations in Ethiopia that offer great scenic potentials and volcanic activities which are the key activities that are enjoyed in the park.

Netch-sar national park, this was reserved for protect the burchell’s zebras that are spotted in the plains of Netch-sar which is dominated by savannah grassland, wetlands, bush lands and ground water forest. Other wildlife animals include hippos, crocodiles which are found in huge numbers in Lakes of Chamo and Abaya at the shores.

Yangudi-Rassa national park, the park was reserved to protect the desert ecosystem and it is situated in the north eastern region of Ethiopia. Some of the wildlife animals expected in the park include soemmerring gazelle, gerenuk, Grevey’s Zebras, Beisa Oryx, ostriches, the wild ass, Dorcas Gazelles among others.

Gambella national park, this is famous destination to huge populations of whited eared kobs, mongalla gazelles and tiang as well as other wildlife animals such as the elephants, ostriches, lions, buffaloes, giraffes, leopards, waterbucks, roan antelopes, Lelwel hartebeest, crocodiles, hippos,  among others. The park is dominated by swamp deciduous woodland as well as riparian formations.

Awash national park, this is situated in the main rift valley system and it was the first gazetted national park to be gazetted in Ethiopia that is famous for its awesome flora and fauna. The park is also a home to the astounding waterfall, the rift valley as well as the unique wildlife animals such as greater and lesser kudus, bushbucks, gazelle fox, lions, and cheetahs, Oryx, Dikidik, among others. Birdlife include the Abyssinian ground hornbill, carmine bee eater, coucal, Abyssinian roller among others.

Abijjatta-shala lakes national park, this is also located in the Great Rift Valley and it is home to two antagonistic lakes  which harbor a variety of bird species such as yellow wagtails, pelicans, ibis, as well as the flamingoes among others.

Other national parks include; Mago national park, Omo national park which is offer classic wildlife adventure activities to all travelers and they are open for tourism throughout the year.

Ethiopia is a home to a number of authentic safari destinations which can be customized together with wildlife adventure safaris in the national parks of the country such as;

The historical treasures, Ethiopia is one of the great destinations that is amazing and exciting historical valuables of the ancient times such as the lalibela churches, the Grat Beal Gebri ruins, the popular Gondar castle, Emir Nur tombs among others. These are worthy a visit and they offer extremely interesting lifetime experience on a safari.

The unusual landscapes, this has deep depressions, the desert arid plains, astounding lakes, rough-textured peaks as well as valleys thus offering Ethiopia a perfectly mapped out landscape terrain that is worth a visit on a safari. Due to this geographical sat up of the country, Ethiopia has been mapped as one of the hiking paradise destinations to enjoy in a true African setting.

The world heritage sites of UNESCO, it is important to note that Ethiopia is blessed by awesome history, the authentic culture, and the typically unspoiled nature which are the focal key points of the Ethiopian safaris. These include lalibela churches, the Aksum, Tiya, Harar Jugol, lower Omo valley; lower Awash valley, Konso cultural landscape, lower Awash valley, Fassil Ghebi among others.