Etosha National Park is exclusive to Africa. The primary characteristic of the park is a large salt pool, which is visible to the naked eye. However, there is plenty of wildlife all over the ponds, offering you quite certain occurrences. The Etosha National Park, though, is also one of Namibia and Southern Africa’s widely open wildlife reserves.

Etosha National Park Safari destination

Namibia is a region with various ecosystems and flora. It is very unique. It is also one of the few nations in which livestock can travel freely, mostly without restriction. The country’s desert, semi-desert and savannah combination are perfect. On your way into Etosha National Park further north, you can find a place offering tourists a complete contrast from the wide-open grasslands, a massive pan with 4731km2 and large camel dwarfs combined with mopanian plants. The diversity of biodiversity that thrives in this park is attributed to this particular habitat.

There is very surprising game you can discover in Etosha National Park, many of the most common and rarest animals can be found. the most common among animals found in this area are the Elephants, black rhinos and leopards are at the core of denser forest, their survival has been facilitated the nutritious growing vegetation in the national park. In the light golden color of the grasslands the lions are camouflaged, while giraffes stand far above almost the bare foliage. The rainy season in Etosha is the best time of the year for love Birders to visit the park for bird watching experience. The salt pot is filled with water after a good rain and flamingos are drawn by a storm. the park hosts approximately 340 recorded bird species such as the European bee-eater is perhaps the most common sighting among migratory species. The game reserve is also home to the largest bird in the country including the ostrich and also Kori bustard one of the heaviest birds in the world.