5 interesting facts about the Hippo

Hippopotamus facts

Facts about the Hippo – Also referred to as Hippopotamus Amphibious is one of the safari cliché for most travelers. It is one of the Africa big five animals and the most dangerous among the Africa’s wildlife. The hippo has a got a friendly smile but it is one of the hostile aniamals, very aggressive with it mouth that is full of lethal teeth. Besides the elephant as well as the white Rhinos, the hippo is another heavy herbivore and the third largest mammal in Africa. In this article, we present you the 5 interesting facts about the Hippo

  1. The hippos are found of producing a natural sunscreen which protects its hairless skin from being heated by the direct sun rays. The hairless and colorless segments are made up of two pigments which either change to reddish orange or brown in the hot sun. This gives the hippos a different rosy color. The natural sunscreen serves as a disinfectant towards the harmful bacteria which might enter the wound and it is so strong.
  2. The close relatives of the hippos are the big and this is according to the scientific study. The DNA has proved that the Hippo shares the common semi Aquatic ancestors with the Aquatic life like Dolphins and Whales. However they evolved from them some good 50 years ago.
  3. Although the hippo spends a most of its time in water, the hippos are not good at swimming. They like shallow waters areas where can enjoy the rest and wallowing on the sandbars. When they are out of depth, the hippos will move by jumping in small bounds away from the bottom.
  4. Hippos are one of the unique mammals with unusual attributes such as holding their heads up and half submerged in water, listening to one another sound of calling. Their amazing calling echo and vocals will move both with in the water and above the surface as they communicate to one another from far. During night hours, the hippos are non-territorial and very silent while grazing.
  5. There is a rascal population of the hippos in countries like Colombia, Tirunfo and they range from four members being raised by Drug Pablo Escobar. When the Escobar got captured, these hippo individuals had to escape from the Estate that had been left behind and it roomed with the nearby farmland. During that time, they attacked both cattle and human beings. Apparently, there are 40 individuals which live in and around the River of Magdalena.