Top 100 Facts of Uganda – What you need to Know

Facts About Uganda – The Republic Uganda also known as the “pearl of Africa” is a landlocked East African country, bordered by Kenya in the East, DR Congo to the west, Rwanda to the south west, Tanzania to the south and South Sudan to the north.  Here are some facts about Uganda which you must know.

The Facts on Uganda 2020

  1. Facts About Uganda’s Population: Uganda Has over 44.27 Million People as of 2019 and over 56 tribes. The Uganda People are very hospitable and therefore Uganda is known as one of the most hospitable countries in the world with very warm and welcoming people.
  2. Facts About Uganda’s Independence: Uganda got her independence on the 9th of October 1962 after being a British colony for over 68 years. When Uganda got independence, Kabaka Mutese became president and Dr Milton Obote was the prime minister.  Uganda Currently Practices multi-party democracy.
  3. Facts About Uganda’s Tourism: Uganda has over 10 national Parks and game reserves where you can see lots of wildlife including the African Big Five, The Gorilla and the Chimpanzees.  There are several safari activities to do in Uganda including Gorilla trekking, Game viewing drives in the national parks, Mountain hiking, Boat cruises, Chimpanzee trekking and nature walks, Adventure sports such as white water rafting and Bungee Jumping, Birding, Rhino tracking and several others. The Uganda National Parks are managed by the Uganda wildlife Authority.
  4. Facts About Uganda’s Capital City:  The Capital City of Uganda is Kampala with a population of over 1.5 million people. The City originally sat on Seven hills and derived its name from an Antelope species called the Impala which were very many on Old Kampala hill, one of the 7 hills of Kampala.
  5. Facts About Uganda’s Money:  The Ugandan Currency is known as the Uganda Shilling. When in Uganda you can exchange some pounds, Dollars or Euros and other currencies for the shilling which is widely accepted. Though the US Dollar is also accepted by the Uganda wildlife Authority and most safari lodges.
  6. Facts About Uganda’s Education System: Uganda has an Education system with four levels, Nursery and Primary, Secondary education, Universitiy and Tertiary Education. Makerere University which is ranked as the third best University in Africa is found in Kampala Uganda.
  7. Lakes and Rivers in Uganda: Uganda is blessed with several fresh water lakes including Lake Vicitoria, Lake Kyoga, Lake Bunyonyi, Lake George and Edward and several other smaller lakes.  Lake Victoria is the source of River Nile, the second longest River in the wild.
  8. The snowcapped Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda: Uganda is home to the Rwenzori mountains, a snowcapped mountain in the tropics with its highest Peak Being Margherita on Mount Stanley standing at an elevation of 5000m Above Sea Level.
  9. Gorilla trekking in Uganda: Uganda is home to half of the remaining mountain gorillas in the world. The gorillas are endangered and can only be tracked in the wild in three countries in the world, Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo. The mountain Gorillas in Uganda can be tracked in the Bwindi Impenetrable forest national Park and the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.
  10. Sports in Uganda: The Uganda national Football team is known as the Uganda Cranes, the Rugby team as the Rugby Cranes, the netball team as the she cranes. Uganda also boasts of several Athletic figures who have broken several records over the years

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