Best family holidays in Africa

Best family holidays in Africa – Here are the best destinations for a family safari in Africa. Best Family safaris in Africa. Best family holidays in Africa

Best Family Safaris in Africa – on Safari with Children

Destination and Things to Do

Due to the fact that, Africa offers a wide of various national parks, with stunning attractions found in the different park in Africa and the activities put in place for the travellers to engage in. Africa therefore, is one of the best safari destinations to visit altogether with the entire family and enjoy ab experience away from the technologies of these world. Many parents, have realised a great value of taking their children away from the items that would miss lead the child. A family-friendly safari to different parts of Africa, provides families with a platform for interrelating and sharing experiences with the children, creates a strong feeling between the parents and the children and the memories will not get off the children minds they will love you and keep in their daily talk and mind throughout their life.

There are several African countries that offer and different tour companies that offer holiday tour packages for the visitors that would like to travel with the whole family for safari in Africa. Several safari destinations, offer quality accommodation facilities to accommodate the entire family ranging from Budget, mid-range and Luxury accommodation facilities for the entire family. Africa is one stop destination you should visit for once in your life. Africa is diverse with various attractions and activities for both adults and the children to participate during the visit in any of the national parks in different countries in Africa.

There is hardly anything entertaining as visiting the national parks or the game reserves and take part in the game drives where you will view the different animals and also to track down the pride of the lion as they hide in bushes keenly waiting to catch prey. Or take a boat trip on the water bodies to watch baby elephants splashing water at one another and buffalos. Also viewing other animals like the cheetah running at great speed in the forest. Gorilla trekking with the children, can also a fascinating adventure but only recommended for children above the age of 15 year and one below that will not be allowed to track the gorillas. There also other activities offered such as horseback riding along big herds of giraffes and then try a variety of African cuisines and enjoy your camp fire all night set during the evening at the lodge.

There are various safari destinations you can visit with your family and have the best experience from the safari.

South Africa

Visit to south Africa, will take you and your family on a journey of contrast that will fill you with everlasting memories of your safari, there are various activities offered in different safari destinations ranging from the City tour where you will explore Cape town which is the capital city of South Africa this is the first safari destination upon your arrival, the city offers a wide range of attractions you can view as you discover the beauty of this city. game drives through the fascinating landscape in different national parks where you will view the Big five wild game which is the highlight of many wildlife safaris in Africa.

There is also an opportunity to visit the beautiful beaches where you can take time to enjoy with your family along the white sand, visiting the wine- wining regions, and exploring the stunning cosmopolitan cites with a wide range of attractions and activities for the visitors, the malaria-free game parks situated in eastern cape. There are various lodges available in different national parks in south Africa ranging from luxury accommodation, to rustic bandas to suite the interest of the visitors.

Kruger National park, offers the best game viewing safaris as well as the game reserve located nearer to Kruger both harbour a collection of wide animals that will make your safari in south Africa colourful and a life changing experience. There other activities such as bush walks, game drives among others. Kruger national park, offers various accommodation facilities that will suite the entire family ranging from luxury to bush camps and private family lodges to offer you quality accommodation during your safari tour in south Africa.


Many travellers visiting Namibia to view the different attractions, have greatly appreciated the malaria free zone in Namibia. For example, visiting the Sossuvlei Sand dunes and the Skeleton Coast which is the largest Coastline in Namibia, have become one of the fascinating safari destinations for travellers visiting the country with the entire family and offers the great opportunity to view the various attractions.

There are various activities offered for the entire family in the different regions of the country and the different national parks, the activities you can do here include, quad bike riding along the skeleton coast line, game drives on the Etosha private game reserves where you will enjoy both the day and the nocturnal game drives where you will be able to track down some of the predators who move out to hunting for prey in the night. There is a cheetah centre where children can take time to learn about cheetah and also enjoy a close encounter with the animals.

Kenya and Tanzania

There is nothing fascinating as watching the wildebeest migration and Zebras crossing the Mara river in to Maasai Mara national park in Kenya. A safari to Maasai Mara and Serengeti national park in Tanzania, can both be planed together during your visit to these countries. The wildebeest migration has greatly drawn visitors from the different parts of the world during this season of the year to watch thousands of the wildebeest and Zebras seen crossing from Serengeti in to Tanzania in search for water and pasture.  This is a best time to travel with your family on the safari has you watch may of the wildebeest being caught by the predators such as lions and the crocodiles as they cross the river this is such a dramatic scene that you ought not to miss when you visit the two countries.


While in Botswana you can visit the Okavango Delta, this is the best spot for animal viewing during the dry season of the year the animals concentrate in the delta to drink water and grass around. Also, the Kalahari Desert offers the best destination for animal viewing.  Chobe national park is a host to variety of animal species including the highest concentration of elephants in the park.

There are various accommodation facilities ranging from mid-range, Budget and Luxury accommodation to meet the interest of the clients.

Uganda and Rwanda

Uganda and Rwanda, are famous for the harbouring the remaining number of the endangered mountain gorillas in its tropical rain forest, gorillas in Uganda, are found in two national parks that is Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga national park both in situated in southwestern Uganda  and in Rwanda, the gorillas are trekked in volcanoes national park. these two countries, have experience the high number of visitors visiting the parks mainly to have an encounter with the gentle giants the gorillas. other than that, gorilla trekking is restricted to children above the age of 15 years and above are allowed to trek the habituated gorillas in their natural habitat. therefore, planning to visit east Africa with the family for gorilla trekking, you can combine gorilla trekking in Uganda and also transfer to Rwanda and do gorilla trekking or gorilla trekking and wildlife safaris in different national parks in Uganda and Rwanda.


Mozambique, is among one of the stunning Southeast African country. Mozambique is rich in natural resources and biodiversity and has a tropical climate. The vast coastline of Mozambique, dividing Africa from Madagascar Island, offers some of the best natural harbours in Africa with a wide range of different mammal species. Mozambique has thus played an important part in the Indian Ocean’s maritime trade, while the white sand beaches are a major attraction for the rising tourism sector. Fertile soils produced a wide range of agriculture in the northern and Central areas of Mozambique and large irrigation water supplied by the Zambezi River.

Zimbabwe and Zambia

These two safari destinations, offer various and spectacular activities for you and for the entire family, the are activities tailed for the interested family members as follows.

The family can take part in walking safaris, along the Zambian natural wonders, South Luangwa National Park offers the best game viewing safaris, the visit the Zambezi river, will explore you to the boat safaris /canoeing on river Zambezi that will offer  you an o[opportunity to view various water animals, and also do fishing on the River.

While in Zimbabwe, Hwange National Park and Mana Pools National Park offers the best game watching safaris, where you will have an opportunity to view various animals including the elephants, and the largest population of hippos , Nile crocodiles and elephants it’s one of the  best moments to explore Zimbabwe with your family.

Best family holidays in Africa – Here are the best destinations for a family safari in Africa. Best Family safaris in Africa. Best family holidays in Africa