The Fish River Canyon (Canyon of the Fisheries River), Africa’s equivalent to the Grand Canyon, is a prime place for nature in Namibia. The biggest canyon on the continent and Namibia’s highest Geological Marvel, with a diameter of 27 kilometers, 550 meters deep and 160 kilometers in total. The Canyon exists in various natural areas: in the / Richtersveld Trans frontier Park the Southern part and private reserves in the North side. The South side of the Canyon. The / Richtersveld Trans frontier Park has the largest overlook for the gorge, and you get the best views from the Hell’s Corner riverside.

Only the Grand Canyon is greater than Utah, and is viewed worldwide by about 5 million. This incredible natural slice has just over 1% of this amount, rendering Fish River Canyon one of the most visited wonders in the country. A tough five days hiking path runs along the bottom of the canyon and there are different viewpoints along the cliffs of the canyon. Unfortunately, the Fish River Canyon in South Africa is far from anything else.