Game Drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Game Drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park – Queen Elizabeth national park is one of the best game viewing destinations in Uganda with a range of big game including savannah elephants, lions, leopards, spotted hyena, buffalo and different kinds of antelope. It has vast plains of savannah where tourist vehicles drive through trucks leading that lead to different locations of the park where most of these animals hide. The park is the second biggest after Murchison Falls national park and is located in the western part of Uganda stretching to the DRC on its southern part of Ishasha. Queen Elizabeth national park is famously known for the tree climbing lions which are spotted in fig trees in the Ishasha sector.

Queen Elizabeth is one of the destinations you ought not to miss on your Uganda safari to enjoy an extremely adventurous tour. There are 2 areas where game drives take place in this park; Kaseny plains and the Ishasha sector. Kasenyi plains is however more popular because it has alarge number of Uganda kobs which attract lions, leopards and spotted hyenas. It is also easy to access as it is adjacent to the main road. Kasenyi also has other interesting features like Lake George, craters and lots of birds.

Game drives are done in the morning from 6:30 to 10:30 and in the evening from 4:30. The four hour drive in the jungle is an exciting time of the safari as you watch leopards in trees protecting their catch, lots of Uganda kobs and waterbucks grazing, large herds of buffalos in many areas of the park, herds of elephants and warthogs. As you set out for the game drive in the morning, the sunrise is also very colorful and those who head out for an evening game drive also capture very stunning views of the sundowner.

It is so amazing to come across elephants in a queue crossing from one side to the other as these large mammals do not settle in one place for long hours. Most times you’ll view them feeding on the upper leaves of the shrubs and trees and in the swampy areas close to lake George and near Lake Katwe. As you drive through the trucks of kasenyi, the driver guide will analytically watch the thickets and trees because lions and leopards are found of hiding there as they hunt, feed or rest after feeding. This place also has many birds of prey which feed on the leftovers for the hunters.

Kasenyi game drive will also offer you an opportunity to watch and learn about the Uganda kobs when at their mating grounds. They are normally spotted at these areas mating and in case they realize that there is a hunter in the neighborhood, they stay alert with their heads up. This is a thrilling moment for watching these curious animals.

After the game drive, the driver guide stakes you further to Bunyampaka crater lake where flamingos settle when they migrate from Lake Nakuru in Kenya. It also offers beautiful views of the salt pans that are made by people mining salt at this crater.

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