Genocide Memorial Centres  in Rwanda; the genocide memorial centres are spread all over the country, following the incident that sent Rwanda in to an emotional and tragic moment whereby over 800,00 people are believed to have died during the genocide in 1994 which only lasted for 100 days form 7th April 1994.the centres remain filled with photographs, personal belongings like clothing, shoes, and other exhibits that are remains of the genocide victims.

These centres have been used in commemorating the Rwanda genocide that climbed thousands of lives in shortest period of time. The centres act as the remainder of this brutal and evil act that destroyed the lives of people and it should never be repeated in Rwanda or any other country in the world. The centres also act as a places of solace mourning and link of survivors with their dead relatives and friends, this place draws people during different times in the year but especially during the notional mourning day where by people gather here in remembrance of the victims that lost their lives during the genocide, it’s always held every year on April 7th 1994.

Listed below are the major memorial centres in Rwanda, you can request to visit any of them during any of your safari visits in Rwanda depending on the time, location and itinerary of your safari tour. In case you will need to visit any of these places, please feel free to contact us when in Rwanda and we will be at your service.

Genocide Memorial Centres in Rwanda