Things to know About Rwanda

Good Things about Rwanda – Before you think about visiting Rwanda, it is important to know the good things about Rwanda and the facts about her motherland. Rwanda is famously known as a landlocked country situated in central Africa and it is neighbored by DR-Congo in the west, Tanzania in the East, Burundi in the south and Uganda in the North.  It is a small country that occupies an area of about 26,338 square kilometers, it is lies approximately 75 miles south of the Equator, it is found about 1,250 kilometers East of the Atlantic Ocean and about 880 miles westwards of the Indian Ocean.

 The following are some of the good things about Rwanda and things you need know about Rwanda;

  • Kigali capital city is the cleanest city in Africa. The Capital city of Rwanda has been ranked as the best and cleanest City in Africa. This is evidenced by the law the government of Rwanda implemented about the ban for no more use of Plastic bags so as to protect that natural environment and this is effectively being taken serious and respected by both the international and nationals in Rwanda.
  • On the world record, Rwanda has been famously known as the only country that has a the highest number of women representatives in Parliament and they are over 60% of the members of parliament.
  • The people of Rwanda have carry have a high level of unity with their president. The president passed a law that every last Saturday of the month, all people and the president take part in the national service activities and this has been named Umuganda.
  • Ever since the year 2000, Rwanda has been ranked as the top best developed countries with a very fast growth.
  • Rwanda is home to more than a thousand hills, there are about 1030 hills although the country is called the land of thousand hills, this is according to an esteemed count from different individuals.
  • Rwanda is one of the Africa’s countries with the best internet connectivity and this has been enhanced by the government of Rwanda which has helped to spread the internet facilities all over the country such as establishing Fiber Optics almost everywhere.
  • Rwanda harbors five Volcano mountains such as Mahabura, Bisoke, Karisimbi, Gahinga and Sabyinyo. Mount Karisimbi is known as the highest volcano with latitude of about 45o7 meters above sea level.
  • Rwanda is home to only three amazing national park, such as Volcanoes national park which is home to the Endangered Mountain Gorillas, Nyungwe forest national park which is home to natural rainforests which harbor about 12 primates include the famous chimpanzees and black and white monkeys among others, it is a great place to enjoy bird watching experience.
  • Almost all Rwanda Soldiers are the most qualified professionals and they respect peace and order in Africa. The Rwanda Defense Force show high respect and professionalism whenever they attend the UN Peace keeping missions meetings in Africa.
  • Rwanda is the initiator of the uses of drones to medical services such as distributing blood to other emergency stations.
  • Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is not a difficult thing, it is easy to locate a gorilla family since some of the gorilla families don’t require long distance hiking while search for the group gorilla thus favoring almost every one to participate in the gorilla trekking experience.
  • Rwanda is not only to the endangered mountain gorillas but it is as well to the endangered golden monkeys and to see these fascinating animals you will need 100 USD person.
  • Rwanda is the best country that has good quality brewed coffee and tea with the biggest exports. This is due to the fact that it has delicious coffee with a great aroma, it is coffee has got a low tannins which makes less bitter and gives it a great taste.