Gorilla forest Camp

Gorilla Forest Camp Uganda

Gorilla forest Camp is situated within the hills of Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park, this camp is stunning and offers magnificent accommodation for the clients visiting Bwindi national park. the camp is establishing within the thick forest thus offering the clear views of the tropical forest while you are at the lodge. The park is located at the entry point in to the park and also known as the starting point for gorilla trekking. Therefore, the visitors sleeping at this lodge. Find it more convenient to connect to the park headquarters for the start of gorilla trekking.

 The camp offers good facilities and a stunning accommodation with specious rooms having bathtubs that looks over the rain forest. The tents are extremely large with a wooden deck for visitors who want to rest or stay privately without interruption from the public. The camp offers quality services ranging from fully equipped bar with a well-built kitchen, with professional chefs, the food attracts tourists from around the country, both local and international.

Why you should stay in Gorilla Forest Camp

The lodge is situated in the forest; therefore, you will experience frequent visits by the gorillas where you will have an opportunity to view the gentle giants the Gorillas.

Its an exclusive camp with over ten tents for the visitors these offers enough space and accommodation for the visitors.

The camp offers an opportunity to the travellers to meet the endangered mountain gorillas, which is one in a life time experience that anyone ought not to miss to visit anytime you travel to Uganda.

The camp, offers other activities like the community visits where by you will take the trail in to the nearby villages of the Batwa and the pygmies who were the first inhabitants of the forest before they where evicted due to the need to establish the national park.

They have also simplified Gorilla trekking for the disabled group of people, by the use of sedan chairs, guest is carried in to the forest to full fill their life time dream of trekking the mountain gorillas.

Wildlife and activities

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, is a home to half of the world remaining population of the mountain gorillas, which has enabled many tourists to visit the park and to take part in Gorilla trekking. Besides the gorillas, the forest also inhabits different species of mammals, 11 types of primate species, with over 350 recorded bird species some of which are the rift endemics and over 200 butterflies, during the activities, you will be guided by the tour guide in to the forest and he will help locate the gorillas for you and also you will have an opportunity to see some of the mammals and the primates in the forest.