Gorilla Poaching is one of the major threats for both Mountain and Lowland Gorillas. Gorilla Poachers usually use the most brutal means to attack and Kill the gorillas in their natural habitat which has for long reduced the number of Gorillas especially the mountain gorillas which are currently enlisted as an endangered species.

Why Gorilla Poachers kill the Gorillas

Gorilla Poaching for Bush Meat

Central Africa is popular for the sale illegal Bush meat, the Gorillas and chimpanzees being some of the wildlife which is hunted for meat. It should be noted that it is very hard to hunt the gorillas and therefore the Gorilla meat is rare and very expensive which motivates Gorilla Poachers to continue hunting for the gorillas.  It should be however noted that due to conservation efforts, Gorilla poaching has been totally eliminated in Uganda and Rwanda, therefore at the moment this is common in Congo and central Africa.

Gorilla Poaching for Medicinal Purposes

Many people and medicine men believer that parts / meat of Gorillas cure some sicknesses. This has also been a motivation factor in central Africa that has made gorilla poaching continue despite being declared illegal.

Gorilla Poaching for trophies

The Gorillas both mountain and lowland are very strong and hard to hunt, this has made several trophy hunters to continue poaching the gorillas for pride and trophies.

Gorilla Poaching Statistics

The number of mountain gorillas had reduced to 700 individuals by the late 1990’s and the population of the lowland gorillas had also been reducing drastically. By 2009 it was estimated that about 4% of the gorillas where being poached monthly and thus this called for strong conservation efforts to save this endangered species of primates.

Gorilla Conservation in Uganda and Rwanda

Uganda and Rwanda have in the past decades stepped up the conservation their efforts to conserve the mountain gorillas. This was done by first creation of the national parks by declaring them as protected areas, then beefing up security in these areas to stop gorilla poachers from Killing the mountain gorillas.  The conservation efforts where boasted by introducing the gorilla trekking activity, which has been generating funds to facilitate the conservation efforts as well as being used to develop infrastructure near the parks and also for sensitization of the communities around the protected areas about the importance of the mountain gorillas.

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