Mountain gorilla trekking, is done both in Uganda in Rwanda for travelers taking part in the activity before they can head in to the forest for the start of the activity. Gorilla trekking in Uganda is done in Mgahinga national park and Bwindi impermeable forest, Bwindi comprises of four sectors for gorilla trekking that is Buhoma, Nkuringo, Rushaga, and Ruhija, visors taking part in gorilla trekking will be briefed in each sector according to where you will be trekking gorillas from. In Rwanda, gorilla trekking is in done in volcanoes national park and in Virunga national park in democratic republic of Congo. During gorilla trekking, no one will be allowed to enter the forest without first the briefing at the park headquarters. Gorilla briefing is done in order to remind travelers about the dos and the don’ts while with the gorillas in their natural habitat, mountain gorilla briefing is normal for any country taking part in gorilla trekking these helps to promote security to both tourists and the gorillas and also protect the life of gorillas from any cause of harm when visited by the tourists. Therefore, its advisable to have a briefing before going in to the forest to trek the gorillas.

When is gorilla trekking briefing?

Gorilla trekking in both Uganda and Rwanda take place early morning during the start of the exercise at the respective headquarters in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, gorilla briefing starts by 8:30 am every morning of each day of gorilla trekking. These therefore means that all travelers taking part in gorilla trekking will be require to rise up earl morning and be at the park headquarters by 8:30 am in the time for gorilla trekking briefing. Gorilla trekking helps to remind visitors about the rules and regulations and how to conduct one’s self when you encounter the gorillas and how to behave while in the forest during the trek in search for the gorillas. For travelers who book gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, with adventure in the wild safaris, we always provide our clients with documents talking about gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda so that you all the necessary knowledge and information about this kind of activity. We also do pre gorilla briefing, this is mostly done by one of our tour guides who will be taking you for the safari, this guide is your driver for the safari , he will drive you early morning to the park headquarters for early morning briefing at the park headquarters and also he will be with you through the safari even in the forest trekking gorillas he will help locate the gorillas for you and also answer all the questions you have a bout the gorillas and also he will keep reminding you bout the rules and regulations for gorilla trekking so that you will have the best of your gorilla trekking safari in Uganda or Rwanda.

Before Your Gorilla Trekking Briefing in Uganda And Rwanda

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda takes place in volcanoes national park, before gorilla trekking, visitors are given a briefing at the park headquarters about the dos and the don’ts of gorillas, gorilla briefing in Rwanda takes place ta kinigi park headquarters by 8:30 am Rwanda time. Gorilla briefing in Rwanda is done in one place where by all trekkers converge in one place for the briefing before entering the forest fort the start of your activity, which is not the case with gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable forest in Uganda, Bwindi has four sectors for gorilla trekking and gorilla briefing, takes place in different sectors depending on where you are trekking gorillas from. Gorilla trekking briefing in Rwanda is much more exciting as the locals come in to show case their performances for the visitors like the traditional dances, help motivate visitors as the start the activity of gorilla trekking also as you wait for gorilla trekking briefing, all visitors are offered a cup of coffee or tea to generate energy as you start the activity.

For the case of Uganda, before the start of gorilla trekking, all visors are warmly welcomed by the Uganda wildlife authority ranger guide who will direct you where you will be sited as you wait for the briefing. Normally as you wait for the briefing, a documentary is always showed to the tourists taking apart in gorilla trekking so that you can have knowledge a bout mountain gorillas in the highland areas so that when you begin the trek you will a clue about gorillas and gorilla trekking experience. While you are watching, the Uganda wildlife authority representative will be cross checking all your passports, gorilla permits and all the necessary document that will be required of you before you enter the forest for gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable forest, Mgahinga national and volcanoes national park in Rwanda. the passports are normally checked for the nationality of the clients as well as age of each traveler due to participate in gorilla trekking. The nationality is checked in order to establish who and which country sends many tourists in Uganda and also for record purposes, this helps in marketing purposes for the tourism industry. Age is also highly recommended for gorilla trekking since there is a set age required for gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda, the current age for gorilla trekking is 15 years and any one below the age is known to be a child and will not be allowed to trek the gorillas in their natural habitat, therefor, adventure in the wild safaris, we advise our clients to always take note of that so that we try to avoid such incidences from happening in case a person is discovered to be below the required age for gorilla trekking and he/ she is denied to trek gorillas.

The second and most important expect of age limit for gorilla trekking is that if there is any elderly person who has come to trek gorillas and may not be in position to trek on steep slopes in the forest, they will be advised to take porters with them or sedan chairs used for carrying them to and from the forest after the encounter with gorillas. The importance of sedan chairs is that no one is left out to reach his/ her dream of seeing the mountain gorillas either disabled, old person or any person who cannot walk longer distances, we got you all covered.

The other reason for checking gorilla permits during gorilla briefing is that gorilla trekking permits are issued according to the exact date of your gorilla trekking, therefore, cross checking this permits means that its valid for gorilla trekking on that particular day or date as you will not be allowed to trek gorillas incase you come a day before or a day after your exact date for gorilla trekking. We advise our clients to take note of the date of your travel and the exact date for gorilla trekking so that you don’t miss out on the activity. Also note that Bwindi impenetrable forest has got different sectors or starting point for gorilla trekking including Nkuringo, Buhoma, Rushaga, Ruhija sectors. Gorilla permits are sold depending on each sector of Bwindi you are trekking gorillas from and also book accommodation closer to sector you are trekking for an early morning rise for the start of the activity with the briefing at the headquarters of each four sectors of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. This therefore implies that, incase you have booked a Rushaga gorilla permit and you end up in Buhoma, you will not be allowed to trek gorillas in this region because you will be a wrong place at the right time and you will not be allowed to trek gorillas. Adventure in the wild safaris, we always give information to our clients on the region they will be trekking gorillas from and also book lodges in advance closer to the region.

More a bout gorilla trekking briefing and frequently asked questions and answers for gorilla trekking

Further to my previous comments, gorilla trekking briefing takes place in each of the three east African countries park headquarters noted for gorilla trekking experience, in Uganda, you will visit Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga situated in southwestern Uganda and in Rwanda, in volcanoes national park and Virunga national park in Congo. When you book your safari with adventure in the wild safaris, we make sure that you have the right gorilla trekking permit for the exact location you will b trekking gorillas, we also make sure we book lodges closer to the starting point or park headquarters so that the guide will transfer you early morning for your briefing on dos and the don’ts of gorillas.

Also, during the briefing, the ranger guide will highlight on the procedure of gorilla family allocations. Number od people for each habituated gorilla family, the time taking trekking and the spend you will be allowed to spend with the gorillas. The guide will also mention about the rules and regulations, also encourage travers the purpose of taking a porter with them for gorilla trekking or hiring a sedan chair for those who can not trek for long distance on steep slopes. Then after, visitors are allowed to ask questions that they would need some clarification and you begin the activity of gorilla trekking.