Gorilla trekking in Buhoma Sector of Bwindi

Gorilla trekking Buhoma – Buhoma sector is one of the sectors found in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. its best known for gorilla trekking activities. Buhoma is situated in the northern part of Bwindi in kanungu district, the sector is much close to the park and was the first place where gorilla trekking started from with the first group of tourists to visit the park did the gorilla trekking in Buhoma sector in Uganda at Bwindi impenetrable forest. it has turned out to be the most popular place for gorilla trekking experience with the lot of visitors visiting the park.

At Buhoma, the gorilla group found here is Mubare gorilla family, the family comprises of 9 members and was led by one silverback known as Ruhondeza who died in 2003 and later the headship of the family was taken by the new silverback and members from the other families joined his group and  the number emerged to 9 members in the group . The sector has also several gorilla families which have enabled the Bwindi Uganda gorilla trekking experience to take place i.e. Rushengura gorilla family with 16 members and Habinyanja group with 19 members and there is still possibility that the number will grow even more bigger.

How to get there

Buhoma sector happened to be one the easily accessed sectors in Bwindi impenetrable forest. you can access the sector from Kampala trough Masaka- Mbarara-Ntungamo-Rukungiri to Buhoma region. The other route you can drive through kabale through kanungu and the drive time is about 2 hours drive to Buhoma and from Ishasha sector south of queen Elizabeth national park and takes about 4 hours. During the drive through Ishasha, is much of an advantage.

The other alternative is the use of chartered flights from Entebbe international airport flying to kihihi airstrip then to Buhoma in Bwindi national park.

Alternative activities at Buhoma

Buhoma sector offers several other activities besides the popular gorilla trekking exercise you can also do community walks to nearby local communities of the pygmies and the Bakiga communities who lived in the forest before they were evicted in order to gazette the place in to a national park. They are very interesting group of people with a lot of activities that travelers can engage in like cultural dances, art and craft, brewing local beers, constructing huts and many more activities.

The other activity you can do in Buhoma sector is bird watching, there are a lot of bird species living around the park, so this is best ideal for bird watchers as they get to spot different types of birds during the gorilla trekking exercise in Buhoma sector of Bwindi impenetrable forest.

Accommodation facilities in Buhoma

During the gorilla trek, no need to worry for the accommodation, since Buhoma sector has several accommodation facilities to meet the demands of the clients. The facilities arrange from luxury, budget and mid-range options with professional stuff offering quality services. The lodges available include; Mahogany springs lodge, Buhoma lodge, Bwindi forest lodge, Bwindi guesthouse, Bwindi view bandas, gorilla forest camp and Bwindi volcano lodge and many more. These lodges are situated close to the starting point of the gorilla trekking a round the parks head quarters thus enable easy travel to the park’s headquarters for the briefing and the start of your gorilla trekking exercise.

Gorilla trekking is much fun and so interesting especially when you finally encounter the giants the gorillas, as you interact and study their behavior and take photos this gives a life time experience with wonderful memories of your visit to Bwindi of impenetrable forest national and more especially at Buhoma sector where you will find several gorilla habituated families.