When we talk about gorilla family allocations, in this article, we try to elaborate or educate clients on how mountain gorilla habituated families are allocated for visitors taking part in gorilla trekking experience. In Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, and Mgahinga national park in Uganda and volcanoes national park in democratic republic of Congo (DRC).

When gorilla trekking first started, Bwindi impenetrable forest in Uganda and volcanoes national park in Rwanda, both had different ways in which gorilla families where allocated to visitors on gorilla trekking. Looking at Rwanda. Rwanda used to allocate gorilla families according to the interest of each individual interested in the activity, for the case of Uganda, gorilla permits are allocated according to each habituated gorilla family. For example, by then Bwindi had only 1o habituated gorilla families opened for gorilla trekking located in each sector of Bwindi impenetrable forest all having different names allocated to them. With all the information trending on the internet, travellers would read the information about gorillas, gorilla families and names of gorilla families and would therefore decide a particular gorilla family they would wish to trek. These meant that gorilla families with few members or no silver and young gorillas would be left out since they would not be of interest to the travellers but this after some time, affected gorilla permit allocation whereby Mubare gorilla group used to be the least booked while Rushegura gorilla family was the most booked gorilla family this would lead to the shortage of gorilla permits for that particular gorilla family and also reduced on the revenue since other permits would be left out unsold. But today, that’s not the case since Bwindi added a number of habituated gorilla families to 17 gorilla habituated groups for trekking. The gorilla families are split in all the four sectors of Bwindi forest and gorilla trekking takes place in all the four sectors of the park. Uganda therefore followed Rwanda system of permit allocation in order to maximize the sale of gorilla permits from Uganda wildlife Authority.

How Gorilla Trekking Family Allocation Is Done in Uganda And Rwanda

Bwindi impenetrable national park has got four sectors opened to gorilla trekking, including Rushaga and Nkuringo situated in the south , Ruhija in the east and Buhoma in the northern side of Bwindi and each gorilla family having different habituated gorilla families .after Uganda wildlife authority established the allocation pf gorilla permits for different sectors of Bwindi, they went ahead and introduced gorilla permits allocation, based on the region of each tourist interest, age, physical fitness and many other reasons. Each region has habituated gorilla families, travellers having interest in gorilla trekking, can now book their gorilla permits according to the region you will be trekking from and it’s from that region where by you will choose particular gorilla family of your interest and suites you for gorilla trekking experience. Clients can only show interest on which gorilla family he wants to trek on the day of gorilla trekking but not during permit bookings. During your day for gorilla trekking, you will come knowing the exact region you will be trekking gorillas from but not the gorilla family since its from there when you can choose the gorilla family you will be visiting on that particular day. Adventure in the wild safaris is one of the leading Tour Operators in Uganda organizing primate safaris to Uganda, Rwanda and democratic republic of Congo (DRC) and will help you with all the information concerning gorilla trekking family allocation, gorilla permit bookings and planning your gorilla trekking safari to any of the east African countries of your choice where you would like to go for gorilla trekking.