Luxury Gorilla Trekking : Gorilla Trekking Luxury, all you need to Know

Gorilla trekking luxury experience offers the most wonderful feeling when with gorillas. Gorilla trekking has become one of the best and it’s a highlight to all tourists who visit these east African countries. The activity brings a lot of excitement, it is full of fun, comfort, relaxation and elegance when you have encountered these huge Apes. These two countries have been rated a among the best in east Africa with almost half of the worlds remaining mountain gorillas. In Uganda, you can sight the gorillas in two national parks that Bwindi and Mgahinga national park and in Rwanda it’s at the volcanoes national park, these two countries offer the best site for gorilla trekking experience. mountain gorilla trekking is done all year round from all the national parks but many clients would prefer the dry seasons when there no rainfall by this time all the trails and the land is dry making it easy to trek through the forest.

There are various factors that can make gorilla trekking safari a luxury adventure that most clients would love to enjoy.

Staying in a luxury facility will always add a spark to your adventure and will make your luxury Gorilla Trekking safari even more enjoyable. Trekking gorillas for longer hours and returning to the serenity of a luxury accommodation facility will make you more relaxed. On many occasions, visitors can opt for chartered or scheduled flights for transportation or worse 4×4 air-conditioned safari land cruisers that come pre-installed with WIFI. These can be arranged for you , for the travelers who do not want to spend longer hours on the road for approximately 8-9 hours can opt for a chartered flight from Entebbe to Kisoro or kihihi for about 45 mins and you proceed to the park and rakes about 2-3 hours for the start of your activities. We have organized several successful luxury gorilla tracking safaris in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo over the years. All of our safaris come with some of the best safari lodges and facilities at discounted rates. We believe in offering our clients the best of their lifetime unforgettable safari.

We offer safaris to various destination for gorilla trekking including; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, bordering both Uganda and Rwanda, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and  Virunga National Park in DR. Congo. Listed below are some of our luxury tour packages we offer to our clients. Also note that all these packages can be tailored to suite the demands of the clients. Please choose a package and inquire with us then one of our tour consultants will get back to you within the shortest time possible.

Comparing gorilla trekking Uganda, Rwanda and Congo

Uganda safaris; gorilla trekking permit in Uganda costs $700 per person, the prices favor both luxury and the budget clients to trek the gorillas in any of the national parks that is in Bwindi national park and in Mgahinga national park both located in southwestern Uganda. The park also offers accommodation facilities both luxury and budget that accommodates all classes of the clients.

Rwanda safaris, the permit price costs $1500 per person this is much expensive than the Uganda gorilla permits, these only makes Rwanda gorilla safari a luxury one. Rwanda has some of the finest luxury accommodation facilities including; Sabinyo Silverback Lodge and Bistate Eco Lodge. These lodges offer some of the great comfort in the wild.

Congo permits, Congo permits are much lower than the two countries, the permit in Congo costs $400 per permit, per person trekking. But also, they gave got some of the best accommodation facilities which will cost visitors some a mount of money. Visit Congo and have one of the best adventurous safaris of your life time.

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