Gorillas are highly endangered species and the remaining few in the world should be protected from sicknesses and death. The rules and regulations for gorilla trekking should be given and followed accordingly by the trekkers. These dos and don’ts will be given to you during the briefing before starting your trekking but let me discuss the important rules and regulations to you.

  1. Any ill tourist/ trekker is not allowed to trek and his money is refunded back. The park staff has the authority to stop any person suffering from any disease like cold and flu because the gorillas are highly sensitive to such diseases and it can lead to their extinction.
  2. Trekkers are supposed to be in a maximum number of 8 people to view a given gorilla family in a given day so as to minimize infections and changes in behaviors of the mountain gorillas
  3. When with the gorillas, make sure you keep 7 meters away from them and when one tries to come nearer to you, step back slowly or you will be asked to stand still by the guide. Please make sure you follow the guide’s instructions in order to fully enjoy the trek.
  4. All trekkers must be 15 years and above in order to prevent transmission of diseases like chicken pox and mumps.
  5.  Visitors are allowed to spend a maximum time of one hour while observing and photographing these endangered species. This is to minimize behavioral changes.
  6.  Do not smoke or eat when near the gorillas because food and drinks can be a source of infection and can lead to behavioral changes.
  7.  Avoid unnecessary movements when near the gorillas. You should stay tight together as a group so that the gorillas feel free and secured.
  8.  Flash photographs are strictly not allowed because it threatens the gorillas and they end up being aggressive and unruly.
  9. When the gorillas charge or beat their chests, do not attempt to run since it might increase the risk but follow your guide’s instruction.
  10. When in need of a long call while in the forest, burry your wastes or rubbish 30 cm deep. This is to reduce the risk of transmitting diseases to the gorillas.
  11.  Always keep your voices as quiet as possible. Do not scream or run when attacked by an insect because it will cause in behavioral changes in the gorillas.
  12.  Turn away from the animals when coughing or sneezing as you might be carrying airborne diseases that are likely to destroy the gorillas.
  13. Observe your body language when with the animals. Some body languages like pointing at the animals can make them aggressive and uncomfortable.
  14. All rubbish/litter  should be removed from the park. Visitors should confirm that all dangerous items to the animals like canisters, handkerchiefs and other small items  are wiped out.