Gorilla trekking Uganda DecemberGorilla trekking in Uganda is one of the amazing activity that very many travelers from all over the world have got the love to engage in the activity in Uganda. In Uganda gorilla trekking is the process of searching a mountain gorilla family to enjoy its life style in the natural environment.  Are you looking for the best month to go gorilla trekking in Uganda according to the natural setting? Adventure in the wild safari is at your priority to offer you the best gorilla trekking packages all over the year. Please contact us regarding the best month to go gorilla trekking in Uganda destinations.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda in December is best month to go mountain gorilla trekking although the activity can be done all year round in Uganda. December is among the dry months of the dry season which is at the same time the peak / high season for trekking the mountain gorillas and other wildlife safaris.

Bwindi forest and Mgahinga national park are tropical rainforest that receive rainfall all over the year and although its dry season the rainy is unpredictable it can rainy any time but this does not stop the gorilla trekking activity from going on throughout the year. However, we advise travelers looking for best time to trek the mountain gorilla to travel in the dry season and December is among the dry months.

December is one of the best month trek the mountain gorillas because it is a holiday time for Christmas and year of year celebrations usually termed as the festival season all over the world. Please come and celebrate your festival holiday with the mountain gorilla silver back in Bwindi forest or Mgahinga national park in Uganda. Contact adventure in the wild safari to enjoy our festival offers in December for your gorilla trekking adventure in the African wild.

December is a very great month to majority of the holiday makers as it is when most of them are celebrating their birthdays. We call upon all travelers that have their birthday in December to visit Bwindi forest or Mgahinga national park so that they can enjoy and share their celebrations with the mountain gorilla family in its natural environment.

December still carries credit to be one of the excellent month to traveler to trek the mountain gorillas since it is in the high season where even accommodation facilities like lodges have got festival holiday offers for families and also discounted rates for group travelers who have come to do gorilla trekking in the month of December in Bwindi forest or Mgahinga national park.

Gorilla trekking in December is so exceptional and interesting as since the roads and the gorilla trekking trails are dry and passable making the climbing and hiking of the montane forest to find a mountain gorilla family unlike in the rainy season where the ground is slippery, wet and muddy making the hiking a difficult one thus slowing the trekking activity in the jungle.

Uganda gorilla trekking wear in December

It is important note that in the month of December is in a dry season the roads are dusty and we advise travelers to know what to equipment to carry and clothing that should be used in the dry season.

With clothing to carry in the December we advise travelers not wear whit clothing since they will get stained due to dusty roads during the dry season, they can therefore put on dull colored clothing like grey, brown which are friendly to gorilla trekking destination environment and they can get stained with dust very easily.

 We advise travelers to carry their sun glasses, sun repellent and get African hut capes that will prevent direct sun rays from affecting them while on their gorilla trekking adventure in December.

We also advise them not to forget their water proof jackets and gum boots since Bwindi and Mgahinga have got tropical rain-forest that receives a lot of rainfall throughout year. Therefore, although December is in dry season the rainy is unpredictable and it is said that it can choose to rain while trekking, you as well carry your rainy jackets or hire porters to assist carry such luggage thus making your trek a stress free adventure. Contact adventure in the wild safari regarding your gorilla trekking trip in December.