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Rwanda and Uganda gorilla trekking difficulty

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How difficult is gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda – The endangered Mountain gorillas are found on the forested highlands of the Virunga Massif and in Bwindi. The Virunga Massif comprises of Mgahinga, Volcanoes and Virunga national parks in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo respectively. Due to their habitats on elevations of highlands, trekking involves hiking. The main gorilla trekking destinations are Uganda (that is in Bwindi Impenetrable national park) and Rwanda (in Volcanoes national park) because they have many gorilla families which are also easy to access. The reason why Mgahinga is not famous for trekking is because the gorillas there sometimes move to distant areas towards Uganda’s border with Rwanda and DRCongo hasn’t well picked up for the activity because of the previous civil unrest.

Gorilla trekking is easier both in Uganda and Rwanda during the drier months, that is from June to September and from December to February. Drier months in the DRCongo are mid-December to mid-October. Trails are normally easier to hike through during the dry months but it is never a surprise when it rains during these dry months in these areas, so you have to always be prepared for the weather changes. Gorilla trekking is an all year activity in all these destinations and the however much it is quite challenging during the wet season because of slippery trails, it is always still possible to trek and this has an advantage of spotting these giant primates at lower elevations due to presence of thick bushes and food which favor their stay around these closer areas. Prices of gorilla permits remain the same in both the dry and wet seasons in Uganda and Rwanda while Virunga national park in the DRCongo offers discounts during the wet season.

Mountain Gorillas live mainly at an elevation of 2,000 to 3,000m high or even higher. The gorilla trekking destinations have various gorilla groups living at different locations at varying topography where visitors are allocated depending on their fitness. It is therefore important to communicate earlier if your group has old people who may not be physically fit so that we book for permits in areas that are not so hilly. What other people refer to as a challenge when hiking through the muddy bushy trails is actually a great experience for others. Therefore information in this article will help you to plan for your gorilla trekking safari depending on the experience you wish to have.

Mountain gorillas live only in their natural habitats and cannot be relocated to zoos. Therefore anyone who wants to see them must visit them in national parks of Bwindi, Mgahinga, Volcanoes or Virunga. These gorillas move a lot during the day around the forest and duration for trekking is never certain but rather a range of hours is anticipated depending on where the gorillas spent their last night. Gorilla trekking can therefore last for an hour, two hours or even up to 8 hours, a reason why clients are advised to carry food for lunch.

How difficult is gorilla trekking

Difficulty of obtaining gorilla trekking permits. Gorilla trekking is one of the activities where there are a limited number of clients allowed to visit the gorillas each day. Trekkers are expected to book for and obtain their permits early enough not to miss the activity. However, doing it privately may be quite challenging but with arrangement of your safari with local tour operators dealing in gorilla safaris (Adventure in the wild safaris specializes in gorilla safaris) gorilla trekking permits are secured for you in advance prior to your travel. In Uganda, there are four sectors at Bwindi national park where gorilla trekking is done. Therefore, it is important to know the accommodation to book for in relation to the gorilla permit secured and this is much easier when you book through our company because we are aware of the nearest lodges to each sector.

Fear of charging mountain gorillas, some people are worried about how the gorillas will behave when they have charged. There are different reasons that cause these primates to charge, for example fighting with silverbacks from other families, encountering other animals in the parks such as elephants. Habituated mountain gorillas are calm and gentle is you follow the instructions of the ranger guides. When they charge, it therefore means that there could be a problem which these rangers will identify and advise you on what to do. Besides, they are armed rangers and you do not have to worry about what could happen if the gorillas charged because in case of violence, rangers scare shoot to stabilize the situation.

How difficult is gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda? Uganda gorilla trekking difficulty

How difficult is gorilla trekking