How much are gorilla trekking permits in Uganda and Rwanda?

Gorilla trekking permit in Uganda is issued by the Uganda wild life Authority a government organisation set to managed and conserve the natural heritage of Uganda in all the national parks in Uganda. And for Rwanda, its issued by the Rwanda National Board managing Rwanda national parks. The gorilla trekking permit is issued per person taking part in gorilla trekking. The fees paid for the gorilla permit, includes the entry fees in to the park, the ranger guide fees that will take you through the forest and sharing with all the information concerning the gorillas. The fee also includes the one you will spend with the gorillas from the time you set eyes on them but the normal trekking may last for 30 min to half hours of day while in the forest searching for the gorillas depending on their current location from the previous day. After the gorilla trekking experience, travellers are issued a certificate of participation on gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable forest or Mgahinga national park.

 How much are Uganda gorilla trekking permits?

Gorilla trekking in Uganda is one of the prime activities in two of the national parks in Uganda that is; Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga national park bot located in the south western Uganda in the nearest districts of Kisoro and Kihihi. Currently, gorilla permit in Uganda is at $600 per permit and per person trekking the gorillas. For more information on the park entrance and activity fees, you can check on the fees tariff for 2018-2019 form the Uganda wildlife authority.

Uganda gorilla trekking permit increase?

Uganda Wildlife Authority has announced on the increase of the gorilla trekking in Uganda effective July 1, 2020 from $600 to $700 per permit and per person tracking the gorillas. The $100 increase came as a result of improvement on the conservation of the national park and also to improve on the community infrastructure and the projects to benefit the communities living near the gorilla parks which in turn will bring development and later improve on people’s standards of living

How much are Rwanda gorilla trekking permits?

Rwanda has become an upmarket tourist destination for gorilla trekking due to the cost of its gorilla trekking permit. for all categories, Rwanda gorilla trekking permit goes for $1500 per permit and per person trekking. Rwanda doesn’t offer discounted permits; the permit price remains standard throughout the year. The permit allows you to visit the gorillas in their natural habitat and you are given a period of one hour to spend with the gorillas.

How much are Congo gorilla permits?

Congo gorilla permits are much than for Uganda and Rwanda, Rwanda gorillas cost $400 per permit and per person trekking these permits cuts across all the different categories.

Different categories and different cost of the gorilla trekking permit

Prices                                                           Uganda               Rwanda                 DR. Congo

Non- residents                                          $600                    1,500                     $400

Foreign residents                                     $500                   $1,500                   $400

East African Community citizens         250,000 UGX    $1,500                  $400

Congolese citizens                                                                                               $150

How much does it cost for a gorilla safari in any of the three East African countries offering gorilla trekking safaris?

Gorilla safari in Uganda, are complete when you combine your gorilla trekking with a safari before or after their trip. Gorilla permits can be acquired directly through Uganda Wildlife Authority or through any of the trusted tour companies offering gorilla safaris. There you will know the worth of your money spent for the safari.

You can book your gorilla permit by yourself through Uganda wildlife authority for the incase of Rwanda, you can book the permit through Rwanda National Board. Travelling by private or public means is also possible but the other side is there some challenges that may a raise and you end up incurring some costs. For example, incase the vehicle breaks down or for the case of public means, you miss bus. These might be challenging and you end up missing your gorilla trekking. Also remember; permits are non-refundable incase you arrive late or a day after, you will not be allowed to trek the gorillas you will have missed opportunity for that particular date. But in case you are still interested in gorilla trekking, arrangements can be made and you book another permit at fee of $600. Most visitors therefore usually travel on scheduled group or through a tour company that will arrange transport and the tour guide for the safari right from the start to the end of the safari.

The most important thing to always avoid when arranging gorilla trekking by your self is that booking accommodation far away from your gorilla trekking location since Bwindi comprise of four sectors for gorilla trekking, and gorilla trekking starts early by 7:00am in the morning with the briefing at the headquarters  so you will need to have knowledge of where each lodge is located and the distance to the tracking point.

Our tour packages are tailored to meet the interest of the client, we offer bot luxury, mid-range and budget tour packages for the travelers. Cost for the safari depends on the total number of people in the group. the low season is normally good for budget travelers. This is when the best deals are often found.

There is also a fly in options and five-star accommodation best for luxury travelers who are not comfortable in travelling for long distance by road. There are domesticated chattered flights from Entebbe or Kajjansi to kihihi or Kisoro then you transfer to the park. The flight is aprrox. I hour to Bwindi national park.