A Virunga visa is a legal travel document that travelers who are foreign nonresidents must pose so as to be allowed to explore Virunga national park. A Virunga visa is categorized among the tourist visa that will give travelers permission to go through or explore Virunga national park. Before authorities issue out the Virunga visa they have the mandate to know exactly what you are going to do in Virunga national park and which accommodation safety for period you will spend in Virunga national park, this is for security reasons due to fact that country has been unstable for quite some time thus they have improved on the safety and security that is why the immigration offices will always ask travelers such questions.

Travelers can apply the Virunga visa via the Democratic Republic of Congo embassy offices in your country. Travelers ought to apply for the Virunga visa 2 weeks before travel due to the fact that processing time is between 7 to 5 days from the time the traveler has applied for the visa.

The application procedure will require travelers to present two colored passport sized photos in black and white background and the photos should be of recent appearance. When applying for the Virunga visa travelers should have a valid passport which is 6 months old before applying for the visa

A yellow fever vaccination certificate is a must requirement while applying for Virunga visa regardless whether the person has a yellow fever or not. The cost of a Virunga visa is about 100 USD and it can easily be issued if the travelers have booked activity or accommodation in Virunga national park. For travelers who are American citizens the visa lasts for 6 months which is equivalent to 180 days.