Cultural encounter with ik tribe, kidepo

Visit the Ik tribe northern Uganda one of the African mountain tribes. An encounter with the ik tribe, kidepo is a very exciting experience while on your Uganda safaris.

The Ik is a tribe in Africa, this group of people, live in Morungole mountain in North-eastern Uganda nearer to the Kidepo valley National park.  the Ik people live in most remote areas in Uganda far away from all the tribes in Africa. These group of people, became famous in 1972 when the British -American anthropologist Colin Turnbull Published his book, ‘’The mountain people’’ the book referred the IK people as the ones who did not love. But the visit to these villages, will surely disapprove what was written about the Ik people. They are loving, caring and very interesting people to live and interact with.

During your safari visit in Kidepo Valley National park, you can also take a tour to the nearby Ik communities. This is one of the unique cultures you ought not to miss. You can do this activity in foot, hiking on steep slopes you will need to be physically feet and energic for this stroll. This activity lasts for the whole day Hiking through the scenic Morungole mountain near the kidepo valley which also the perfect game park for the fascinating wildlife viewing. You can do a game viewing safari in kidepo valley national park, and also take part in a cultural visit to the Ik villages.

A visit to the Ik communities on Mount Morungole, measures about 2,700 meters above sea level is a unique African Cultural Experience and also a moment to prove your physical ability and endurance while hiking on steep and rugged terrain in a semi desert area.

To have the best and enjoy your safari tour in this remote area, a minimum of 5- 6 days is required for you to have a complete safari tour in Kidepo valley National park with a visit to the Ik people in Morungole mountains.

The IK people live high in Morungole mountains, on the boarder to Kenya along the kidepo valley Park Region in North-eastern Uganda.

The Ik tribe northern Uganda have total population of over 10,000 to 11,000 people in number, they were believed to have migrated from the Ethiopia and first settled in Kenya then later migrated to the current Kidepo Valley park. they were mainly hunters and gatherers, they also kept some cattle but due to the constant raids by the Karamojong’s in Uganda, the Turkana of Kenya and the pokot of Kenya and the Tuposa of South Sudan, the constant raids led to the loss of cows thus they have up on cattle keeping and later adopted substance farming, also reared some goats, and bee keeping for honey.

They lived most of their lives in the forest where they gathered and hunted from, but when government came up to gazette all the national parks to protect the animals, they lost their hunting grounds, therefore, they migrated up in to Mount Morungole where they started their life from. Up to date, they have lives on the mountain and its where you can find them in isolation and relatively at peace with one another. They were the first people who migrated to North-eastern Uganda they believed they were the ‘’head of the migration’’.

 Visiting the Ik tribe, Kidepo up on the mountain, is one of the unique experiences with stunning views of the scenery below seen from above is so beautiful and it one of the amazing experiences and adventure you ought not to miss. While here, you can learn about these group of people, their daily lives, the activities they do, cultural norms and beliefs among others. They are polygamous people where by Aman is free to marry as many wives as he can, the many women you had, the more you are respected.

Visiting the Ik Tribe; gives a rare insight in to one of the unique and interesting tribes in Africa with approximately 10,000 people living in the mountains, these group of people, are seen as endangered for its future existence as they try to supplement their living in the mountains. You will also have some of the interesting views of the stunning scenery from the top of the mountain.

Trekking high up on the mountain where these people are found, is not easy it requires some stamina and physical fitness. But there also some trails that were created by the US Forest Service which has made getting to the Ik villages, a lot more simplified. You can also drive to the top which is a short cut for the long hiking, you will be guided by the guide who speaks Ik language for easy communication, the visit to the Ik villages, takes approximately whole day experience ascending and descending the steep mountain.

The peak of Mount Morungole, measures about 2,749 meters above sea level, the trail is 8 kilometres long which is quite a tough climb to the villages, you will need to be physically fit to be able to climb the mountain, carry some water to keep you hydrated. Finally, when you reach the top, you will be amazed by whet you will discover up there, breath-taking scenery, the Valleys below you, and the East African Rift Valley of Kenya.

When you arrive at the Ik villages, you will be welcomed by the locals and they will show case some of their traditional dances among others. They are so welcoming ad friendly people you will love them. The fees paid for these activity, is injected in to the local community which helps in sustaining the continuing existence of the people as well as its for other cultural visits in other regions of the country such as the Batwa community, the Karamojong which are some of the Unique cultures in Uganda and are of interest to the visitors in Uganda.

You can ask the guide for some questions and you will be able to get the answers, you can also donate some money to help these families , life is hard here, there is no better education, raising of the children is different here, feeding is poor here, the life here is beyond what you could imagine. You can also visit them, and put a smile on their faces, have time with them, enjoy some of the local foods and local beer with them.

In case you need this safari visit to the Ik villages, please let us know and we will plan and include the activity  in your safari tour plan so that you will have the best of your safari visit in Kidepo valley national park, and the visit to the Ik communities in mount Morungole.

How to Visit the IK Tribe northern Uganda: is a stand alone activity it requires one full day for the complete adventure, it’s an activity that you can combine safari to one of the best parks in Africa, you can visit the kidepo valley and also the community visit to the IK communities, kidepo valley, is situated far in one of the remote areas in Uganda and takes some time along time getting there but while here, you will definitely enjoy it. One day is enough to visit the Ik villages.

Walking- Hiking safari Advice and Tips for Uganda

There various places in Uganda and beyond where you can enjoy the walking and the Hiking safaris, the walking and Hiking best safari advice in various regions of Uganda and Rwanda, other activities like savannah safaris, forest, jungle safaris, mountain hiking, volcano hikes, trekking among others, Uganda is rich in what to do and see in various regions and national parks in Uganda.  one the best and missed do activity in Uganda, is the visit to the IK people of mount Morungole in Uganda, all you need is to be fit at all times to hike the steep slopes. The hike to the Ik villages, takes about 8 hours to get to the top and to descend down the mountain, this time enables you to know about this group of people.

We recommend that you wear properly, wear proper clothing, hiking boots, and carry enough drinking water and energy giving snacks and packed lunch while hiding out for this activity it’s a bit tiresome but worth it.