The Best Insect Repellent for your Safari in Uganda and Rwanda

The Best Mosquito Repellent

Insect Repellents For Africa Safari-For your safari visit in Uganda, we recommend that you carry insect Repellent for your safari in Uganda-Rwanda. Africa is a continent with various attractions and activities to do in various countries in East Africa, some of the best safaris are wildlife, primate safaris, birding, water sport activities among others. While most of these activities are carried out in thick tropical forests, the forests also harbour an abundance of bugs, flies, mosquitoes and Tsetse flies.

During your safari visit in Uganda or Rwanda, we recommend that you carry an insect repellent to protect your skin from the insect bites that and contacting infections that may infect your safari visit in the pearl of Africa. Therefore, here we list some of the best insect repellent you will need to use to protect yourself so that you can enjoy your safari in the heart of Africa.

Many travellers in East Africa, often use Dee-Based products including; Cutters an insect Repellent for the travellers that mainly come from the UK, America and Europe. Others use natural products such as Citronella, Soybean oil, rosemary oil, lemon eucalyptus among others. There is also Nivera Blue Body lotion, is also recommended as the best for insect bites. You can apply these repellents on your skin as you enter the forest most especially travellers of Gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking since the forest is thick and dark and harbours many of these dangerous insects that may cause infectious diseases to you.

The common insects that may be of threat to you in the forest are the flies, Mosquitoes, Tsetse flies causing sleeping sickness. The use of Deet -based products, works best on mosquitos and flies but does not work for Tsetse flies. Also, the colours of the clothes you wear, lessen the chances of you being the target of these insects. Bright colours, attract insects, therefore, we recommend that you wear dull colours in the forest so that you will enjoy your safari without insects bothering you.

Recommended insect Repellent for the tourist in East Africa.

The best insect Repellent we would recommend our clients in Africa to use, is the Australian RID its has been top-rated as the best insect repellent to protect your skin against the insect bites. The distinction with RID has been residing in Australia for a long time since the mid-1950’s, growing up among Australians. It was the famous magenta kit used in medical cabinets everywhere and was intended to repel biting insects.

Using a proprietary combination with the best quality DEET paired with a fly repellent and heal ant antiseptic product component, RID also successfully regulates the usage and repels insects, mosquitoes, and other insects’ bites that may cause damage and infections to your skin. RID is also taking care of ordinary people and safeguarding them in real life. It is Australian-made and Australian, most specifically. Regardless of whether you are fishing or walking safaris, hiking among others these repellents prevents insect bites.

RID -Insect Repellent, works repelling both Mosquitoes and Tsetse flies among other insects

RID is best for the safaris in Africa, it prevents the mosquito’s bites and Tsetse flies during the safaris in topical forested areas that tend to harbour these insects. All you need when planning for the safari in Uganda or any country in Africa, pack the RID insect Repellent, it will work for you, besides other many types you know, the truth is that, it has worked for many on safaris in East Africa.

The best clothing on safari protects against insect Bites. 

Safaris in Uganda or Rwanda, most especially hiking and walking safaris, in savannah parks, for example Gorilla trekking in Bwindi tropical forest and volcanoes in Rwanda, a void blue, black clothing, they attract Tsetse flies, blue clothing too attracts the insects. We recommend Jeans, Khaki

During the Night, or while having Dinner outside, a void wearing bright clothing, that attract mosquitoes, you will need to wear long trousers, long shirts or tops while sited outside to prevent the mosquito bites. It causes Malaria. You do not want to have the worst safari tour in East Africa, prevent this and enjoy your stay in the Heart of Africa.

Proper clothing especially in the tropics, not only prevent the insect bites, but you also prevent your self from thorn pricks, nettles, thorny bushes and long branches that may cut you. Its best you wear long trousers, long sleeved shirts or blouse for ladies to prevent the worst from happening. Just like many rangers in Uganda and Rwandan national parks wear, we advise visitors to do so.

The Reality about Insect that Bite in Africa and Disease:

Many thick forests in Uganda, harbour dangerous insects such as mosquitoes, mosquitoes cause malaria. The female mosquitoes are the only ones that cause malaria. Mosquitoes bit one person to another infecting them with malaria virus, whereas mosquitoes do not fly longer distances, they infect people within the same tent, cottages or rooms but in case you are far from one cottage or room to another, you may not catch the infection. The female anopheles’ mosquito is one that infects humans with malaria.

While you on safari, remember you away from civilization and close quarters, malaria spreads faster in congested areas like slums reason is that these areas harbour stagnant water, and breeding grounds for the mosquito. But malaria has never attacked any client on safari in Uganda, its arrear case.

Also, there Tsetse flies but you can prevent it although there are no cases of any visitor in Uganda getting infected by sleeping sickness caused by the Tsetse flies, but its always best to wear insect Repellent while you hide out in to the forest.

Extra prevention, you can spray your room with Doom

You can also prevent the insect bites by not only using the insect Repellents, but you can also use the insects ide treated Mosquito nets, also you can spray your room with Doom, while your going for Dinner, you can purchase the Doom, while in East works on all kinds of insects, crawling or flying. Many luxurious lodges actually spray visitors’ rooms while they have gone out for Dinner. Doom helps to kill some of the insects such as mosquitoes, spiders, including the Elephants cockroaches that mainly invade the bathrooms.

You can also purchase some of the products while here in Uganda when you are going for the safari.  such as mosquito coils, Citronella candles, it also works on mosquitoes, also keep doors and windows close to avoid insects from getting inside your room.

There is nothing annoying than trying to take a nap and the solitary mosquito, buzzes around your eye, head so disgusting- prevent this try Doom.