Safety tips for travelers to Rwanda

Many times the question ” Is Rwanda Safe for Americans?” comes up, the answer is ” Yes, Rwanda is safe” and here is why.

 Each and every day, the common question asked here is that, ‘’Is Rwanda safe for the Americans?’’, Rwanda, is one of the most safest and stable countries in Africa, most especially for the visitors visiting the country, more so, there are specific guidelines and rules to be followed during your visit in Rwanda. Also referred as the land of a thousand Hills. Kigali is the capital of Rwanda and the first entry point in the country its where many services in the country are delivered from. Kigali is one of the safest cities in Africa with the majority of visitors coming in and leaving the country without any cause of harm or any attack on them while on a Rwanda Safari.

While in Rwanda, you may not encounter anything in the local papers written about the visitors to Rwanda undergoing any form of harm regarding insecurity and the safety of the country, some of the issues in the city just like in any country, is things such as , credit card fraud, petty theft, overcharging, but to be safe from this, you will need to be keen about your property and also you will need to apply some common sense to avoid being victim of this circumstances. You can also read more on safety tips and security tips when visiting any of the African cities also follow the rules and the regulations of visitors in Rwanda to be on the safer side.

Many of the African countries are known to be under developed countries compared to the western countries where modernity and technology originated from, yet Rwanda depicts some sense of modernity and order when it comes to central and East Africa. Some even refer Rwanda as the Singapore of Africa. The night life in the city, is tranquil with many people seen working along the sides of the road, the government recently issued a letter proposing all bars to be closed by 9:00pm. Therefore, beyond this time, no one is expected to be moving aimlessly on the road or streets.

The Rwandan government has put in measures to ensure that the visitors and tourists in the country are safe. The police are found is found in almost everywhere in the city, hotels, Guest houses, Banks, shops stores, offices among other places, use police personnel to ensure that safety of visitors to Rwanda and its Citizens are safe.

Therefore, Rwanda is safe for Americans and anyone else, safe for the visitors and tourists, while in Rwanda, you will feel safe than even in any other country.

What about the October Rebel Attack near Volcanoes National Park?

It was reported that the attack was carried out by the ethnic rebels, they where said to have been armed with machetes, knives and stones an armed rebel group on the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo attacking the Kinigi region in the Musanze District found at the Northern region of the Country. Which occurred om the 4th od October.

The war that broke out, left about 14 people dead, these rebels, attacked people with pistols, rifles, machetes killing 14 and wounding 18 Rwandans, but no tourist in the country was harmed. They targeted Kinigi town situated nearer to volcanoes national park. a home for the mountain gorillas which is Rwanda’s biggest tourist attraction.

However, the Rwanda police reported that the situation was under control, they confronted the attackers and 19 rebels were killed and five captured. The five captured rebels confirmed that they where the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda, Forces democratiques deliberation du Rwanda (FDLR) IN French. There main cause of attack, was to over throw the government of Rwanda under the leadership of president Paul Kagame. The remaining number of the rebels that were not killed or captured, run back to Democratic Republic of Congo passing through the Virunga National park.

The fallen victims, where buried in one grave in a mournful ceremony. Later after all this, the Rwandan Development board, agency charged with promoting tourism, issued a statement saying that, tourism services continue to operate normally in volcanoes national park and in all the national parks in Rwanda. The RDB security agency, handled the situation and peace was restored in Rwanda.

The last attack in Rwanda, occurred in December 2018 when these rebels returned again and attacked Rwanda killing two Rwanda nationals. Despite that, Rwanda has gone through tough times due to the rebel attacks, including the Nyungwe national forest attack, no tourist or tourist lodges/ Hotels have been attacked.

These attacks may be so scary, since it led to the killing on 14 Rwandan national, and wounded many people, both physically and emotionally, no need to look at this inform of terrifying effect compared to the massive wars in other countries for example look closely on the USA wars.

Safety and security are the hall mark of the Rwandan Tourism experience up to date, this has remained as Rwanda’s highest priority.

There was an attack on October 4, 2019, Is it still safe to Travel to Rwanda ?

Rwanda is undoubtably one of the secure and safest country to visit in Africa and the whole world, despite the rebel attack, the government and the citizens of Rwanda, have fought to restore peace in Rwanda and never to allow anyone or any person to take back in to tragic days when the country went through difficult times and lost many people in the country. They have sworn to keep the country safe for the citizens and the tourists visiting the country to make it one of the best countries to live in.

Rwanda, the Land of a Thousand Hills, is now certainly a safe and stable nation under strong leadership and growth from an influential and committed visionary, President Paul Kagame. The Rwandan leadership is keenly aware that it is its fundamental responsibility to ensure the protection of Rwanda’s tourists as well as its own country people.

The security in the country, has even become for tight provided by the boarder surveillance, patrols in the city and all the National parks to ensure safety and security in the country.

Tourists in Rwanda, are safer and when they arrive at the airport, they definitely feel at home never shaken of anything that may cause harm to them. The professionalism shown by the Rwandan officials at the Immigration, office is so friendly and welcoming, compared to south Africa with it carjacking, robberies of tourists as they arrive in the country, south Africa, is not a safe country.

Questions by an American for American who want to come and visit Rwanda-why do Americans feel that Rwanda is not safe? Read below the clear information regarding the question. 

  • There no weekly mass shootings compared to the USA
  • There are continuous acts of violence, including killing by a vehicle as it may happen in other countries
  • There is no opportunity for the visitors who need to purchase guns here, there is no purchase of concealed weapons- the highest population of Rwanda, have no gun in their homes as is the case with
  • There is no organisation in Rwanda, that promotes civilians to use guns/ weapons, if found with it, you may end up facing prison charges.
  • There are armed security guards outside of every big super market, banks, hospitals, bigger hotels, and vehicles are searched before you entre any of these significant big places like shopping centres
  • the USA.
  • There are no cases of massacres at public concerts, no killings of church goers as in other countries
  • Gun permits are not issued unless for military persons.
  • There are terrorist attacks IN Rwanda as in the USA and parts of Europe.
  • Lastly but not the list, in Rwanda, different religious believes live in harmony with each other, Muslims live relatively in harmony with the Christians and has been declared as the favourable religion for Rwanda since Muslims didn’t did not participate in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide that left 800,000 people dead and others injured in a period of a 100 days.

Looking at all the information written above, the answer to the question ‘’Is Rwanda safe for the Americas, and anyone else?  the answer is undoubtably yes, you may even feel much safer in Rwanda or Uganda than you would be in USA. Rwanda was declared the 9th safest country in the world by the world Economic Forum in 2017. Rwanda even bit other western countries in terms of its safety including; Portugal, New Zealand, Austria, Estonia. Sweden, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Qatar morocco, and even the USA one of the fascinating cities in the world didn’t not make to any in the top list.

Rwanda as a country, is therefore safe and secure for all the tourists visiting the country, you can visit the country during any time of the year for gorilla trekking, primate safaris, safari Goers, Solo travellers among other business purposes, Rwanda is safe and secure for all the tourists.

You can Goolge for more information about Rwanda’s safety and security issues and compared to your own country. Rwanda is far beyond what you could imagine despite the rebel attacks, peace and security is restored in Rwanda.

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