Jinja Uganda Tours

Jinja tour – Jinja comes as the top destination when talking about exciting touristic areas or towns in Uganda and especially close to Kampala city. The strategic location of the town is the reason for the range of activities to do there such as white water rafting among others. Jinja is famous because it is where we find the Source of the Nile which is the longest river in the world.


Location of Jinja

Jinja town is located in Jinja district in the eastern part of Uganda on the northern shores of Lake Victoria. The town is about 81 kilometers from Kampala city which is the capital of Uganda. From Kampala by road, you will use Jinja road which will take you through suburbs like banda, kireka to other districts like Mukono and then via Mabira forest to Namawojolo which is one of the areas beside the road where travelers enjoy delicious roasted foods such as chicken, beef and plantains. The journey continues through Lugazi sugarcane plantations in Lugazi and then to Jinja.

Jinja town is one of the largest and busiest towns in Uganda with lots of adventurous tourist activities, a genuine reason why it is referred to as “the Adventure Capital of East Africa”. Adventure in the wild safaris makes perfect itineraries for excursions and tours to Jinja, including the most thrilling activities to do in and on the way to Jinja. It is okay to get excited for your Jinja tour because you will do activities such as;

Outdoor activities in Jinja

Here are the top tourist activities in Jinja. The best outdoor activities in Jinja that you can do while on your Jinja tour.

White water rafting

For over 20 years, whitewater rafting has been one of the activities to do in Uganda and specifically along the river Nile in Jinja. This is one of the most beautiful and fascinating destinations where you can enjoy the white water rafting experience in the world. At this point you are not just enjoying the rapids but rather doing it on the longest river in the world. The rapids on this part of the Nile are graded 4 and 5. It also has an area for grade 3 rafting where you may go if you are not ready for the higher grades. Whitewater rafting at the Nile in Jinja is good for first time rafters as well and all rafters are kept safe by a well trained crew that moves with the tourists on the water.

Source of the Nile Boat cruise

There are different convenient schedules for boat cruises on the Nile in Jinja. These boat cruises are the best ways you can relax and explore how beautifully the world’s longest river starts its journey. The trips last for about 2 hours and you can choose to go for day time cruises or the sunset cruise.


This offers the opportunity of exploring the Nile on a small narrow boat. You’ll go through the rapids on the Nile to areas where you’ll view beautiful birds and sceneries.

Bungee jumping

You can find out how brave you are by going for the bungee jumping on the Nile. This is the time for you to get rid of adrenaline from yourself by getting down to the waters of the Nile from 40m high.

Quad biking

Quad biking in Jinja offers you an opportunity to tour areas around Jinja town on Quad bikes. Tourists get a chance to have a good moment of seeing how people around this area do their activities as they can easily interact with them.

Other activities to do in Jinja are swimming, horseback riding, jet boating and sport fishing.

There are a number of attractions to see and adventurous activities to do en-route as you travel from Kampala to Jinja. These include; bird watching or forest walk and Zip lining at Mabira forest and visiting Ssezibwa falls.

Accommodations in Jinja

Since Jinja is a prominent tourism and industrialized town, there are a lot of good hotels and restaurants around the place. These include; Wildwaters lodge, Haven lodge, Kingfisher lodge, The Orchid Grand, Nile River camp, Jinja Nile resort, Pearl on the Nile Hotel, Living Waters Resort, Rain forest lodge, Gately on Nile and Igar Plaza Hotel among others.