Attractions in Jinja Town – Jinja tourist attractions

Jinja Uganda things to do – Jinja town has got a lot to offer to all travelers that visit the town and it is open to visitors throughout the year. And due to the relocation of the industries from Jinja, it was an advantage in disguise since it left the town serene and quite making it a perfect place for leisure relaxation far away from the noise of the Kampala capital city. Some of the top Attractions in Jinja town (Jinja tourist attractions) include;

Top things to do in Jinja

Source of the Nile – this is the major key attraction in Jinja where a lot of people come to witness the source of the longest river in the world. It flows from Uganda passing through several countries like South Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan then to the Mediterranean Sea. While using either a traditional dugout canoe or a speed engine Boat, a lot of travelers are able to reach to the point where river Nile starts its journey to the Mediterranean Sea. This is the point where John Speke stood to declare the source of the Nile in the year 1858 and he was the first Explorer to discover the source of the River Nile.  The place where John Speke stood has been apparently turned into a picturesque park with very beautiful Gardens and fascinating well established lodges that are a perfect place to enjoy relaxation while gazing at scenic beauty of River Nile.

White Water Rafting– This is one of the fascinating water sports adventure activities in Jinja and Uganda. You will enjoy Grade 5 whitewater rafting on river Nile and this is one of the best experiences in Africa. The activity is very scary but extremely interesting more than anything else. The activity can be done for a full day or half day. Expect to navigate through the Nile Rapids and at times you have a stopover on the islands which harbor wildlife such as primates like the vervet monkeys, birds and the green vegetation. You are not required to have experience to participate n the whitewater Rafting activity since the various companies offer lessons for first time travelers and they also have starting grads for first time rafters. The activity is open to visitors throughout the year and it costs about 140 and 150 USD. All companies that operate white water rafting activities offer protective gears and you will be escorted by Kayaks for rescue in case of failure or an accident.

Bungee Jumping- the activity is extremely exciting though scary. You will be tied from a tower which is about 44 meters high using a rope and you will jump facing the Nile water. Although the activity is common all over the world, it is extremely interesting if you do it on the longest river in the world. Bungee jumping experience takes about 2 minute and it is not for people who faint heated. It is open to all interested travelers throughout the year and t costs 115 USD per person.

Boat cruise – there is an engine boat that will enhance you to explore the beauty of River and also take you to the point where John Speke stood to explore declare the source of the Nile. You will go through the rapid falls of the Nile and ride at a speed of about 90 kilometers per hour. The boat cruise experience costs 75 USD per person and will have chance to have a leisure experience.

Golfing– this is an intriguing activity that takes place at the Big Game Mini-Golf course in Jinja. It is well established with the statues of the African big five animals such as leopard, buffalo, elephant, lion and Rhino among other creatures. Golfing in Jinja will give you a unique experience and it is offered with a lot of fun, drinks and mingled with the locals as well as tourists from different regions of the world.

Other attractions include; the Jinja market, the Owen falls Dam, Nile Breweries, and Bujjagali Falls Dam among others.