Kagulu Hill: A Rock of Great Climbing Adventure

Kagulu Rock -After going through a challenging hike, the summit of Kagulu hill offers spectacular views of the surrounding areas. Due to this adventurous experience along the hill, Kagulu hill was launched by the Busoga Tourism Initiative together with Uganda Tourism Board in may 2013 to consider it as one of the interesting places to visit in the Busoga region of Uganda.

Location of Kagulu hill

Also known as Kagulu rock, Kagulu hill is situated in Bugabula sub-county in Buyende district. The nearest main town to the hill is Kamuli which is located about 42 kilometers from the hill. The hill lies in the northern direction of Jinja which is the largest city in the region – the Busoga region in eastern Uganda. From Kampala to Kagulu hill, it takes about 4 hours by road.

Kagulu hill rises to about 3500 feet above the sea level. It is steep and quite challenging but this whole experience is very interesting. It takes about one hour to climb to the top of the hill and offers breathtaking views of many areas that are close and at a distance. One side of it has steps to enable you climb with ease compared to areas without steps, you however need not think that is a walk over to climb using the steps because it will also require some good energy. When you climb to the top of the hill, you will be showed the stones that are said to have been royal seats where kings sat when they visited this region and Kagulu rock.

History says that the Basoga people who live around this region settled there in the sixteenth century after migrating from the Bunyoro Kitara kingdom of the Bachwezi via Lake Kyoga to the caves located below Kaguli hill. They discovered the caves in 1686 when Olimi I was ruling Bunyoro Kitara. Prince Mukama Namatukula of Bunyoro made the caves his personal residence after the Bunyoro had conquered Busoga. According to the Basoga, Kagulu rock has their traditional caretakers.

There is an open space near the hill where cultural rituals are performed. There is also a pool of water that was believed that it cured disease, so people used to bath there to get rid of the diseases. Until 1983, the caves around these hills are said to have been hiding places for hyenas which used to eat domestic animals of people who lived near this place, people lived in fear until they ganged up and killed them.

On the western side of Kagulu hill, there are six other hills namely; Kagwese, Mawaale, Mpanga, Nakyeere, Bukolimo and Butadewo. You can have a magical view of these hills in a line when you climb to the top of Kagulu hill. You will also have beautiful views of the Victoria Nile and where it connects to Lake Kyoga and almost the  entire Busoga region. Visitors can also move around the caves around the area besides the pleasant rock climbing experience. Although there are limited and no yet well developed facilities, travelers still enjoy visiting this place.

Kagulu hill is well situated in the middle of two roads dividing at the foothill leading to Gwaya and Iyingo, some of the areas in this region. This rock has been added to the previous areas and destinations in the eastern region and Uganda at large and Adventure in the wild safaris will continue to be flexible enough to take travelers to all interesting destinations such as this in Uganda. The hill is perfect for adventure travelers with an interest in scenic views and photography.