Kenya Safari Cost

Kenya Safari Price 2020/2021

Costing a Kenya safari – How much does kenya safari cost ?

Things to consider

Kenya Safari Cost – “Safari” is a Swahili word that means “a journey”. It originated from Tanzania and Kenya and it has become the best word to describe the visits by tourists in Africa especially in the east and south of the continent. Kenya is one of the safari countries with many national parks where tourists conduct their safaris. It is very possible to visit multiple parks and wildlife reserves in one safari, organized in a manner that is convenient to the tourist. Some of the major destinations of Kenya are Masai Mara national reserve, Amboseli national park, Tsavo national park and many others.

Depending on how many destinations one wants to visits, the activities one wants to do at the destinations, the number of days to spend in the country and many other things, different safaris will have varying costs.

Comparing prices of safaris and booking

The reason why the costs of safaris seem not to be so cheap is because they always cover the main items including the activities to be done, transportation, park entry fees, accommodation food and others. There are items whose costs can be shared among the group and those that cannot be shared. That’s why it becomes cheaper to travel in a group than travelling alone.

As you plan to go for a Kenya safari, do thorough research about the activities and attractions at the destination and other things involved in the safari so that you are aware of what is considered in costing. This will help you to plan and not to be caught by surprise where you need to get other things on your own cost. When costing a safari, we consider the following;

Duration of the safari

Also determined by other factors, the Kenya Safari Cost highly depends on the days one wishes to stay in the country. Normally, the more the days of the safari, the higher the cost and vice versa. Remember that each day come with consumption of different facilities like food, lodge which you cannot do without if you remain in the country for more days.

You therefore need to make a good decision on how many days you will spend on the safari so that you can plan for it well. There is a range of itineraries to choose from with different number of days and some of them can be tailored to your needs.

Some people wish to do more activities which may require them to stay longer yet they don’t want to spend a lot. The best time for traveling is during the low season when visitors are very few at the destinations, so some facilities and activities are discounted.

The number of people travelling

The number of people travelling is another factor that highly determines the cost of the Kenya safari. This is looked at in the view of transport whereby, for example if you are travelling in a group of 5, the transport costs will be shared among the 5 and if you are less, the same charge of transport will be shared among yourselves. If it is solo travel, then you’ll pay all the transport cost.

National parks (Destinations)

The Kenya Safari Cost also depends on the places you want to visit. Some destinations have different prices of entry and activities. We also look at how nay places you want to visit. The more destinations you visit, higher the cost of the safari. Just like most tourists do, you may prefer to combine about 3 or more destinations. One of the most famous, interesting but also more expensive national parks is Masai Mara national park where entry fee is US$60. There are parks that charge less than that.

In most cases, famous parks that receive many people have lodges with relatively higher charges than those at destinations that are often overcrowded.

Activities at destinations

Activities to be included on your package of the safari in Kenya will be indicated. These are the ones that will be covered in the cost of the safari. For example; game drives. There is however much more tourist activities at the destinations which you may choose to do after the main activities. Some of them include; nature walks, night game drive, birding, Hot air balloon.

Lodging facilities

Depending on the kind of accommodation you want to use, your safari cost can be higher of less. While selecting where to stay, put in consideration if the location of the lodge is convenient for the activities you want to do. Lodges are located in different sectors of national parks where different activities are famous.

Also, during the peak season, you’ll not get lodges at discounted prices because people are many. You are therefore advised to book early so that a room is secured for you in the best lodge of your choice. Some lodges reduce their rates during the low season and that is the best time for budget travelers.

There are lodges/accommodation centers of different categories; super luxury lodges, luxury lodges, mid-range tented camps and budget camps. They have different rates and according to your affordability or preference, the range to choose from is big. Although the quality of services is not the same, the best of the wildlife experience will be encountered in the famous national parks of Kenya.

When to travel to Kenya

People may choose to travel at different periods either in the low season or in the high season. There are different reasons for these selections of the time for travelling. It could be because of the experience they wish to have on the safari or for reasons of cost of the safari. During the high season, most activities such as game drives and mountain climbing are more rewarding and easier to do while during the low/wet season, most exciting activities to do are bird watching. The same activities of the high season in Kenya will still be done during the low season as long as the areas are accessible. So you could still enjoy all the activities.

All tourist businesses are high in the high/peak season and therefore most facilities are relatively higher than when the season is low since some costs are discounted in the low season. For example lodging facilities. Therefore before choosing when to travel for purposes of the cost of the safari, endeavor to check out on the activities to do during that season.

Kenya is one of the safari countries with the most amazing national parks where tourists encounter great experiences of wildlife viewing, breathtaking scenery views, hospitable people and interesting diverse cultures. Book for your safari with Adventure in the wild safaris, our guides are very great, knowledgeable and well versed about the attractions in Kenya.