Kihihi Town, Kihihi Airport, Kihihi Airstrip – Hotels in Kihihi

Kihihi is a town located in Kanungu district in the southwestern part of Uganda. It is the second largest town in the district after Kanungu town. Kihihi is situated about 16 kilometers by road from Kanungu town.

Kihihi Uganda is an important town surrounded by popular areas such as Bwindi Impenetrable national park, Ishasha and the border of Democratic Republic of Congo. Kihihi connects Bwindi and Ishasha which are known for the wondrous attractions there; mountain gorillas in Bwindi and tree climbing lions in Ishasha.

Due to the strategic importance of Kihihi, there are a number of infrastructures that have been developed in and close to the area to enable smoother tourism activities, for example Kihihi airport, accommodation facilities, a bank and bus terminals.

Kihihi airstrip

Traveling to the southwestern part of Uganda for thrilling tour experiences on your Uganda safari is not limited to road transport but travelers can as well fly there through Kihihi airstrip. Travelers who don’t want sit for long hours to the parks can use air transport since it takes about 8 hours or more by road from Kampala to either ishasha in queen Elizabeth national park or Bwindi impenetrable national park. One of the popular local airline operators that conduct daily flights to Kihihi airstrip is Aerolink and you are adived to communicate to us in advance about your need for this transportation means because it requires prior booking.