Kyanika / Cyanika Border between Rwanda and Uganda

Kyanika border / Cyanika Border is a border which divides Uganda from Rwanda, the border is situated in Kisoro town in Kigezi sub-region, the city is located next to Cyanika/Kyanika, across Uganda’s external Rwandan boundary. This is about 10.5 kilometers (7 mi) southeast of the town of Kisoro, where the headquarters of the district is located. The town has developed over time due to the fact that there are a lot of business activities taking place in both countries. The relation between Uganda and Rwanda is based on business terms and interrelationship basis, by road from Kampala, the border rests at about 488 kilometers south western direction of Uganda.

Cyanika border, has boosted the tourism industry because of its strategic location within the vicinity of different national parks in Uganda, Rwanda and the DR. Congo such as Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, Mgahinga gorilla national park, lake Bunyonyi and the volcanoes national park in Rwanda. These border interconnect Uganda and Rwanda and its mainly used by the tourists visiting Uganda and Rwanda for gorilla trekking safaris. Gorilla trekking is one of the greatest adventure experiences that many tourist visiting east Africa come to take part in they either visit Uganda gorilla trekking safari, or Rwanda gorilla trekking safari depending on the interest of the tourists.

Travellers crossing the kyanika border with tourist cars transporting tourist, buses either from Uganda to Rwanda, or from Rwanda to Uganda, will be required to present their I identification ID from Uganda, for the case of tourists, you will be required to show the tourist visa as an identification key before you can cross to either of the countries. These exercises are normally done at the immigration office, its faster, secure and instant its mainly done to promote security in both countries.

Point of interest at the Kyanika border

The following specific points of interest are within or outside the city limits; these are the interesting tourist sites situated along the border of Uganda and Rwanda.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park; Mgahinga gorilla national park is one among the three parks that make up the Virunga conservation area as well as volcanoes national park and Virunga national park. Mgahinga national park, lies within the border of Uganda and Rwanda in southwestern part of Uganda in the district of Kisoro. Mgahinga national park, is widely known to be the home of the mountain gorillas the park inhabits one gorilla family that is opened for gorilla trekking in Uganda, tourist in Uganda, can also take part and visit Mgahinga national park for gorilla trekking experience. There also other activities offered at the park, besides gorilla trekking, that is monkey trekking, bird watching experience, the park harbours a number of different bird species, tourists in Rwanda and visiting Uganda, can use the kyanika border to cross in to Uganda then connect to Mgahinga gorilla national park for gorilla trekking experience. Mgahinga national park is one of Uganda’s smallest national park but it offers number of tourist attractions to visitors visiting the park.

Lake Bunyonyi; The following additional (Place of many small birds) is situated in southwestern Uganda between Kisoro and Kabale and is near to the Rwandan border. Between 2004 to 2009, the lake featured on the 5000 Uganda shilling note under the heading ‘ Lake Bunyonyi points of interest within or outside the city limits. The lake is one of the smallest lakes in Uganda visited by many tourists who come in to Uganda. Lake Bunyonyi is purposely visited for boat cruise in the lake, during the boar cruise, you will be opened to a lot of water animals such as hippos, buffalos, crocodiles and many bird species seen around the shores of the lake. Lake Bunyonyi Lake Bunyonyi although it’s one of the smallest lakes, but it’s also the second deepest lake in Africa. The lake in length stretches about 25km and in width, it’s about 7km, a maximum depth of 40 m (130 ft) but some tourist guides and locals insist that it much deeper, about 900 m (3,000 ft) making it the second deepest lake in Africa.

Kyanika Central Market; every boarder has got a town located within the borders, the kyanika border / Cyanika Border has a central market that has prompted a lot of trading activities in the area, people from different towns and communities travel to this border purposely to trade their goods. this market has helped to boost the business activities of the local people since they are able to get income that can be used in the improvement of people’s standards of living thus bringing about development. Many travellers/ visitors crossing the border mainly make stop overs at kyanika central market to purchase some of the refreshments and items they need.

How to get to Kyanika border / Cyanika Border

By road, getting to kyanika border is about 9-10 hour from Kampala the capital city of Uganda. For the people taking public transport that is busses, like Gateway, horizon bus companies operate for about 4-5 busses a day transferring from Kampala to Kisoro town and also from Kisoro to Kampala. The bus in lives Kampala by 7:am in the morning and by 4:00pm it will have arrived at Kisoro town. And the busses living Rwanda, set of by 6:00 am and take about 5-6 hours’ drive from Kigali city to the kyanika border. The other alternative is air transport, for travellers taking air transport, there is domesticated chartered flights operating from Entebbe international airport and landing at the airstrip in Kisoro then you can connect to kyanika border in case you are entering in Rwanda.

Accommodation facilities around the border

For all accommodation facilities located near to kyanica border are found in Kisoro district in Uganda before you cross the border to Rwanda. Therefore, for all travellers who may not be used to long drives for example from Kampala to Kisoro which takes about 9-10 hours, this is a bit tiresome and you may need to take arrest and relax so that you can continue with your journey the next day. Kisoro has a number of lodges that you can choose from. The accommodation facilities are in different categories that is midrange, budget and luxury lodges. Some of the lodges include;

Nkuringo safari Lodge; the lodge is situated just 14km from Kisoro town. The lodge borders lake mutanda, the accommodation facilities are designed in tented camps with self-contained rooms with bathrooms and toilets with a bar and lodge the restaurant serves both local and international dishes for the best interest of the clients.

Kisoro tourist hotel; the hotel features good self-contained rooms, the lodge provides good and quality service to the customers, meals both local and international dishes are served at the hotel. The lodge too offers ample parking space for cars in case you are driving your own vehicle. The environment features good gardens used for guest’s relaxation at the hotel.

Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge; the lodge provides luxurious accommodation for the clients the lodge offers services like a fire place for clients’ relaxation and consists of 8 cottages with great interior view form the lodge. The lodge provides accommodation and meals for the guests sleeping at the lodge. Clouds mountain gorilla lodge is situated in Kisoro town closest to Mgahinga national park which is the lodge for travellers trekking gorillas in Mgahinga gorilla national park.

Golden Monkey Guesthouse; the lodge provides quality accommodation for the guests, the lodge has profession staff that provides quality service to the visitors ranging from housekeeping, security, bar and restaurant serving both local and international dishes for the guests’ interest. The lodge has in total 16 rooms with wireless internet connection, ample free parking space among others. Clouds monkey guesthouse is situated in Kisoro town and takes about 22 minutes’ drive to Mgahinga gorilla national park.

Muhavura Motel; Motel Muhabura is located in Kisoro near St. Francis Mutolere Hospital. There are a range of services at Muhabura Motel including a garden and a restaurant. It is located 1.5 km from a small crater and has a 24-hour front desk that offers a restaurant for guests. Motel Muhabura offers 4 types of accommodation His house has separate living rooms. Microwaves and dedicated dining areas were required in the kitchens. There is a separate tub and shower in the toilets. Guests can use free wireless Internet access to surf the web. Cable TVs are supported Every space comes with a computer and a TV at the motel. A tub and free toiletries are given in the private bathroom.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Volcanoes National Park are also national attractions. The lunch is offered free of charge. There is free Wi-Fi in public spaces and free self-parking is also available. Smoking is allowed at the hotel in designated areas.

children are welcome, but additional beds are not provided, an extra person, may be required to pay some small charge depending on the property policy.