lake kivu

Lake Kivu is one of the might lakes of Africa that is situated on the borders of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the western arm of the east African Albertine rift valley.  Lake Kivu flows southwards into Lake Tanganyika and located 40 kilometers from Bukavu town of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Geography of Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu is ranked among the eighth largest lakes in Africa and covers an approximate total surface area of about 2700 square kilometers; it has length of about 90 kilometers and width of about 50 kilometers covering altitude of about 1460 meters above sea level. Lake Kivu has an esteemed average depth of about 475 meters and minimum depth of 220 meters. The Democratic republic of Congo takes up the largest percent of Lake Kivu portion that lies with the borders of the country and the lake bottom lies within the rift valley however due to the forces of tension and comprehension forces, they have given chance to the volcanic activities that take place within the area.

Lake Kivu harbors the world’s tenth island known as Idjwi which is an archipelago with Lake Kivu. Idjwi Island is a geography property within the Lake Kivu that belongs to the Democratic Republic of Congo and it has been counted among the kivu province. It covers an area of about 340 square kilometer, it is about 70 kilometers long and the island has been ranked as Africa’s second largest inland island.

Lake Kivu also borders Virunga national park that is famous for the mountain gorilla experience and the lake is surround by areas such as Bukavu town, Goma, Kabare, Sake, Kalehe, Cyangugu in Rwanda, and Gisenyi among others.