Linyanti concession, is one of the famous game reserves, the reserve, is situated adjacent to Chobe National park, the thick mopane forests of Chobe are fusioned with swampy grasslands and scenery of iconic delta that provide timeless photos of the clash of ecosystems in Northern Botswana. The game reserve, harbours thousands of elephants and giraffes living in the the forest and then traveling across the rest of the park while in the river, you will encounter the big buffaloes, crocodiles and hippos in the water. However, Linyanti is so outstandingly restricted to the collection of predators. The threatened wild dog, together with the wolf, leopard, cheetah and hyena favourites of the safari, tops the list. With the ecosystem combination that promotes the living of different animals in the game reserve.

The smaller size of Linyanti concession, is also a common reason as to why tourists realize that a large range of Botswana’s biodiversity requires a many days to explore the depth of the forest while in the Liyanti concession, tourists can access the park by route/ road transport, or  fly in  safari and spend two or three nights since the park is small, it can explored in the shortest time possible. Fairly small , a size helps provide the famous safari with all the activities offered early morning and late afternoons, for game drives and boat trip on the river and enjoy the wildlife in the water such as hippos, buffalos ,crocodiles and many other animals coming here to drink water, this is one of the perfect sites for animal viewing. the size of the park, offers the perfect safari destination for old people who may not be able to explore the bigger and larger national parks since it requires enough physical fitness and time to discover the beauty of the national park. This simple to configure software is a popular destination for elderly people.

The variety of luxurious lodges offered often enhances Linyanti’s reputation. Both of them have their own concession and uninterrupted views of a portion of the park, including the beautiful Linyanti River. These are more exclusive and costly than the neighbouring Chobe and many visitors fly into the concession’s remote airstrip. Some offer loneliness and indulgence, while others cater to a sense of loneliness and unbroken charm. Since this concession is privately owned, any lodge has eclectic possibilities. The exciting excitement of remote Africa is especially offered by walking safaris and night game drives since it’s the best time to catch the predators coming out to hunt for prey, you will be guided through by the rangers with the spot light to help locate the animals for you.