Masai Mara national Park

Masai Mara national Reserve is the number one top destination for holiday safaris in Kenya that is visited by a number of travelers who choose to go to Kenya for a safari. The national reserve is famous for the wildebeest migration experience that occurs annually in the months of July to October which offers traveler once in a lifetime unforgettable experience in the African jungle.

The park is dominated by endless Mara plains that cover an area about 1500 square kilometers with short savannah grassland is habitat to a wide range of wildlife animals. Maasai Mara is the best destination for all first time travelers and it the best spot for adventure travelers to the adventure magic of the wildebeest migration wonder.

Masai Mara national reserve is famous home to Mara River as well as Talek River where wildlife animals usually gather to drink water in the dry season. The wildebeest migration experience in Maasai Mara takes place via the routes of Serengeti, Moru kopjes, Loliondo, Seronera, Grumeti, as well as Ikorongo regions. Wildlife animals that are expected in these regions include, wildebeests, the giraffes which are the tallest aniamals in the reserve, the zebras, gazelles, and impala which can easily be spot at Mara River and Talek River.

Maasai was originally land to the Maasai people who were great hunters, cattle keeper as before gazzetting the national reserves

Safari wildlife in Maasai Mara,

In the months of July to October this is when the magical dramatic scenes and experiences of the great wildebeest migration occurs in the year which influences a number of travelers to come to Kenya and witness the migration adventure in Maasai Mara national reserve. The experience is caused by the forces of nature and climate changes especially during the dry season when hundreds of thousands try to hustle crossing through the streaming Mara River from Serengeti. In the process of crossing, the most of the wildebeests are eaten by the crocodiles and other predators, others that fail to cross drown in the river and the dead ones are eaten by the vultures, the hyenas, storks and it becomes daily food to the crocodiles. Due to this unbelievable drama scene that makes Maasai Mara the best top destinations for wildlife safaris in Africa.

Maasai Mara is the best spot destination to spot the big five wildlife animals such as the lions, the elephants, the buffaloes, the leopards, and rhinos. Besides the big five animals, Maasai Mara is hone to other wild cats and wildlife animals such as the serval cats, the hyenas, the wild dogs, jackal, cheetahs among others. Wildlife animals include; the giraffes, the impala antelopes, and the zebras among others.

Maasai Mara is home to over 470 wildlife bird species, some are Albertine dermic, while others are migratory birds, such as the ostriches, herons, the pelicans, secretary birds, spoon bills, harriers, the hawks, eagles, falcons, kite, grebes, and bitterns among others.

Activities to enjoy in Maasai Mara include, game drive to view different wildlife as well as experience the wildebeest migration event, the safari nature walks, the hot air balloon rides, the Maasai community visit, scenic flights among other activities.