Vist Mabira Forest, Activities in Mabira forest in Uganda

The Mabira forest, is one of the old and popular rain forests in Uganda, although it doesn’t host many tourists, but still remains one of the famous forests in Uganda. Mabira forest is located in south western region of the country in Buikwe District along Lugazi and Jinja highway, which covers a short distance from both Jinja and Kampala to Mabira forest. Mabira forest is a rain forest which covers an area of approximately 300 sq. km in its size, the forest is protected by the government of Uganda as a forest reserve and by the citizens of Ugandan since 1932.although the government has been trying to sell of the forest to the Indian investor, the citizens of Uganda have protected the forest, they have fought hard to see that the forest is not sold off and up to date, the forest is still standing.

Despite the fact that Mabira forest is one of the few remaining forests in Ugandan, it is home to a wide range of wildlife species and also harbors other endangered species such as monkeys, 200 tree species, open patches of savannah grasslands, papyrus swamps that shelter a lot of birds, waterfalls, softly flowing rivers, Mabira Forest provides a perfect location for outdoor activities such as camping, biking, nature walking, the forest is simpler and easier to see along the Kampala Jinja highway, but the deeper section of the Mabira Forest is where the whole mystical natural world takes place.

Mabira Forest is the nearest and only Rain forest in Central Uganda , the forest is situated just 50 kilometers away from Kampala capital city, the spot has attracted many visitors in to the forest, school children often come to the forest on nature trips, Ugandans have a barbecue, an oasis of natural beauty and surprises, a refuge of birders the forest harbors a lot of bird species which has made the forest a suitable location for bird watching experience. The spectacular trees, herbs, flowers, birds, insects, monkeys and small mammals make this a great spot to get away from Kampala and enjoy a few hours a day or a peaceful overnight stay at the Mabira Rain forest Lodge a stunning eco-lodge in the ancient rain forest that was first settled in the Buganda region by the original inhabitants of the forest known as the pygmies, Many Uganda’s, early settlers and even today some are heading to Mabira Rainforest to remember Nakalanga’s spirits.

Mabira forest is  a life changer as it offers you whole lot of things to do wen you visit the forest, the game drives in the open savannah will expose you to a lot of beautiful sceneries around the forest, the visit to Mabira forest, will also enable you, expose the beauty of the pearl of Africa on foot. Mabira forest is a natural environment where you can relax as you reach the woods and chat to the visitors Centre, the sound of the swash tree branches when the breeze combines with the tweets of the different birds make up the rhythm of the a jungle when you head to the visitors center in Mabira forest.

The benefits of mabira forest reserve

On the shores of Lake Victoria, the Mabira Forest Reserve hosts valuable wildlife, serves as a timber resource, provides water balance ecosystem services, and the rainforests are a tourist destination. Local researchers calculated the forest values after a proposed plan to clear a quarter of the farm reserve. This forest economic assessment, the researchers calculated the forest ranking. This forest economic analysis reveals that from a short-term viewpoint.

 For many reasons, the Mabira forest is also very important for the Buganda. The Buganda claim the woods of Mabira is host to the deities of rain and food of the Buganda. Traditionally, the Buganda also claims that if a powerful hurricane comes from the North, this forest would help block it and not make it to Mengo aplace where the Kabaka house/ palace is situated. In contrast, the woodland thousands of small and large species of trees.

Mabira forest is a source of food in form of honey, and fruits like guavas for the people living in the surrounding areas of mabira forest.

Mabira forest is a source of fuel in form of fire word, charcoal to the villages surrounding the forest such as Lugazi, Buikwe among others.

Mabira forest is a source of income to the peoples of Uganda especially to those working within the forest such as waitresses working in the bars within the forest. Other groups of people that benefit are the market vendors along the entrance of Mabira forest.

While it may be understandable that by offering SCOUL part of the Mabira forest, the Ugandan government is trying to ensure an adequate supply of sugar as well as the country’s economic growth, but other stakeholders have already dedicated money to the forest targeting its tourism potential.

Although many of the actions carried out in the forest of Mabira contribute to the degradation of the environment and many people are aware that deforestation and other practices are triggering the worst drought and climate change and that trees are helping to prevent global warming, many are also aware that the loss of forests would ultimately result in less precipitation, fewer water in rivers and lakes, and that there will a great effect n agriculture and cattle keeping since the forest help in rainfall formation, but in case they are destroyed, there will be to much effect on land which in along run will affect the growth of plants and the vegetation in which the animals, cattle feeds on.

Things to do and see during your visit in mabira forest

Mabira forest, provides a wide range of activities to travelers who take time to visit Mabira forest, there are many events that have drawn tourists to Mabira forest to experience their wild adventure. So exciting and adrenaline rising are the attractions with in the mabira forest plus the sights and sounds of the surrounding forest.

Hiking/ Nature walks; Mabira forest has got several access roads and hiking trails which you will enjoy, the trails lead to different interesting features in mabira forest like the picnic grounds, the radio hill, the water fall. During the walk you will also encounter the local people known to be the traditional healers collecting medicine herbs and others. This is one of the common and popular safari activities for the clients who have visited the forest.

Birding activities; Mabira forest shelters a number of different species of birds living in the habitat, the forest is home to more than 315 species of birds including endangered species and bird species including; blue crested mornac, Cassin hawk-eagle, Blake bellied seed cracker among others. The best viewing places for birds are in mabira along the open woodland fields, valleys, swampy areas, and shrubs.

The Zip-line in Mabira is one of the top most activities for tourist visits in mabira forest, the zip- lining activity in the forest extends for about 250 meters, and the out most zip-lining is done at griffin falls camp. During this activity, you will have a great opportunity to view mabira forest with all the creatures that dwell in it, you will be able to spot animals like the baboons, Mangabeys, Monkeys, and many

Mountain biking; It’s also one of the best things you can enjoy during your trip to the Mabira park, the forest has been well preserved bike paths that pass through the woods to nearby communities. Griffin falls camp is the forest’s best mountain bike provider. Mountain biking in the forest of Mabira is one of the great opportunities to explore the forest and see some of the great creatures. Like the monkey, birds, trees, falls and sparkling streams and others.

 The activity is conducted in two sessions that is the morning session and the afternoon session. the morning shift starts at 8:00 am in the morning and lasts for 4 hours while the afternoon session kicks off at 2:00pm to 6:00 pm when the sun is setting down. During the zip-lining exercise, you will be guided by the professional sky guide so that you are assured of the best and full enjoyment of the experience.

The other most interesting activity in the forest is primate walks in the forest. Visitors taking part in primate walks, will have an opportunity to trek the Magabey which is one of the popular activities offered in the forest. And mabira forest, is the only place in Uganda where you  have an opportunity to trek the unique creatures the Mangabey, trekking of these creatures is only done in mabira forest therefore a visit to mabira forest, will offer you a great opportunity to have an encounter with the grey-cheeked Mangabeys in their natural habitat.

Mabira Forest in Uganda