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Madagascar tours – Madagascar is the world’s 4th biggest island. Surrounded by the calm blue water of the Indian Ocean, it has stunning beaches, endowed with over 80 endemic magnificent species of flora and fauna including the popular lemur specie. The island is a perfect destination for calm nature lovers and travelers. It is necessary to plan for a safari to Madagascar because there are a variety of activities in the parks and reserves, at the impressive beaches alongside hiking at Amber mountain, camping, nature walks and more.

Regardless of Madagascar’s location, the island is one of Africa’s most destinations richly gifted with many national parks and reserves to protect and conserve the endemic wildlife. Parks and reserves to visit on a Madagascar tour include, Amber mountain national park, Masaola national park, Isalo national park, Ankarafantsika national park, Andasibe and Mantadia national park, Berenty private reserve,  Ankarana national park, Andohahela national park,  Andringitra national park, Berenty reserve, Mikea national park, Kirindy private reserve, Anjajavy private national park, Ronamafana national park and Plamarium national park among others. Some of the wildlife in these animals includes lemurs, chameleons, frogs, bats and many other reptiles, birds, mammals and a wide range of plant species. The best time to visit Madagasar to see this wildlife is from October to December.

There’re much more destinations not for wildlife but are extra exciting; Ifaty beach, Nosy Be, Sainte-Marie beach.

Madagascr can be accessed by using flights through different air line compaaniea such as Air Madagascar, Kenya airways, Air France and others.

Madagascar Safaris, Madagascar tours, visit Madagascar