Top national Parks in Madagascar which you can visit while on your Madagascar tour.

Isalo national park

This is located in southwest of Madagascar with hiking as the major activity. It has dense forests and plains which are habitats of varieties of birds, reptiles, lemurs, frogs among others. It also gives beautiful views of Jurassic terrains featured with amazing endemic species of plants.

Masoala national park

Masoala national park is located in northeast of Madagascar. It is one of the most biodiversity parks on the island with variety of flora species, 19 species of lemur, chameleon, geckos, butterflies and other animal. The main activity is a forest walk in the pristine rain forest. Swimming is one of the activities at its beaches.

Amber mountain reserve

This is one of the parks with magical attraction in Africa. It is located in the northwest of Madagascar, with a great biodiversity of wildlife including lemur, amphibians, bats and more. Scenic viewing is perfect because it is mountainous. It has 3 waterfalls, volcanic lakes and rainforest.

Andasibe and Mantadia national park

In the east of Madagascar, the park is a home to lemurs, chameleons, leaf tail geckos and birds. It is famously known for the indri and diadem sifaka species of lemurs, has a stunning water fall and a lake where you may go for swimming.

Andohahela national park

This park is located in south of Madagascar and is a home to over 120 bird species, over 60 species of reptiles, a variety of plant species, amphibians and over 10 lemur species including the southern lesser bamboo lemur, collared brown lemur, fleurete’s sportive lemur. Besides wildlife viewing, it is exciting to hike through any of its trails.

Andringitra national park

The Andringitra Mountains that attract tourists to this park are a granite outcrop that form stunning highlands with deep valleys, over 50 mammal species, more than 1000 plant species and a variety of bird species. The main activity is hiking which can be done in any of the many trails in the park; Imarivolanitra, this trail starts from Namoly to Pic Boby which is 2660m high and Madagascar’s 2nd highest peak. Diavalana, Asaramanitra, Imaitso and Isahavato trails expose you to more of the park’s wildlife and scenic views.

Tsingy de Bemaraha national park

The park wasnamed after the magnifiscent mineral forest of Tsingy de Bemaraha. It is a hard to reach area because of bad roads but if you  make it there, it offers a lot includinglemurs, birds, repiles, amphibians, mangoose and bats. It also boasts for having Manambolo gorge with spectacular waterfalls and a view of forests.

Tsingy national park is inaccessible during the rainy season from mid November to May, and is therefore opened for visitors in the dry season from April to November.

Ranomafana national park

The park is one of the most visited destinations in Madagasscar because of its location and easy access. It has over 10 species of lemurs, carnivores, a variety of reptiles and amphibians and more than 300 bird species. It is well drained with multiple streams of water running through the park and has stunning sceneries of the densely forested hills.

There are well maintained circuits through which you trek to explore the park. They include; Sahamalaotra circuit, Varijatsy ciruit, Varibolomena circuit, Soarano circuit and Vohiparara circuit.

The best time to visit the park is during the months of May, September, October and November.