Malawi Safaris – Malawi has an exceptional variety of activities and attractions that anyone would love to do while on an African safari. It is a landlocked country situated in southeast of Africa, mainly bordered by Mozambique to the east, south and west and Tanzania to the north east and Zambia in the north-west. It has variety of stunning wildlife attractions in the national parks, is known for having very hospitable people and unique because of the beaches and landscape at Lake Malawi. Activities done at the lake are kayaking and canoeing, beach parties, horse riding, deep sea diving, snorkeling and clubbing. The sunset is pretty clear at this point. The lake is also famous for having a world heritage site at Cape Maclear which is one of the frequently visited places. Malawi has a long list of beautiful national parks and wildlife reserves that are home for the Big 5, offer fascinating scenery, thick forests, and hills. Other animals in Malawi are zebra, roan, jackal, serval cat, grey duiker, and kudu. Predators especially big cats were rare sightings but lions and cheetahs were later on introduced in Liwonde and Majete national parks. Hyenas are one of the common predators in most national parks. Leopards are also sighted.  Avifauna includes lilian’s love bird, egrets, fish eagles and marine life of over 500 species of fish.  The main wildlife destinations in Malawi are Majete wildlife reserve, Lake Malawi national park, Lengwe national park and Liwonde national park in the south of Malawi , Kasungu national park and Nkhotakota wildlife reserve in central Malawi , Kuti wildlife reserve, Nyika national park, Mwabvi wildlife reserve in the north and more others.

Malawi Safaris

At the beginning of this new decade (2020), there is a variety of activities to do on a Malawi Safari. The most adventurous include day and night game drives for wildlife viewing, rock climbing at mount Mulanje, boat trips, water sports and canoeing, diving and snorkeling, cycling, horse riding, bird watching, forest walks. Game viewing is the main activity done in the major game reserves and national parks like Nyika national park in the north of Malawi, Majete, Liwonde, Kasungu national parks and Nkothakota Wildlife reserve in the central.

Wildlife lovers are encouraged to visit Malawi in the months of July, august, September and October (dry season). From December to March, there is high rainfall in most parts of the country though the temperatures remain high during the day.

Malawi Safari

The capital of Malawi is Lilongwe and Chichewa and English are a national language widely spoken by a bigger number of people in the country. The countries total population is 18.09 million, which could have increased over time, according to the 2016 census. Your visit in to the country, will expose you to the unique culture of the people in Malawi and also, they are friendly people is so wonderful and offers a great opportunity to the visitors visiting the country because you will be warmly welcomed and offered great services from the professional staff right from the hotels to the various tourist destinations you will be visiting while you enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and the hospitable people in Malawi.

Malawi is renowned for the Lake Malawi which one of the dominant place of Malawi receiving the biggest number of visitors each year, Lake Malawi has many tourists attractions to offer, such as the spectacular landscapes, rich cultures, interesting wildlife among others which has generated a wide range of the activities and things to do during your safari visit in Malawi.

Malawi is a small country in Southeast Africa and borders on north-east Tanzania, west Zambia and western Mozambique, south-western Mozambique. The topography of Malawi is marked by its highlands in the Rift Valley, in Lake Malawi and in the Sub-Saharan area as a country. Malawi’s altitude varies because the countryside, including the plateaus, forests, mountains, lakes, highlands and cliffs, is different. The climate in the country is sub-tropical, and is very variable, mildly arid; a warm-wet season starts in November and endures in April and lasts for 95 % annual rainfall received during the winter season of the year.

Attractions and things to do in Malawi

Lake Malawi National Park

The Lake Malawi National Park, is found at Cape Maclear, at the South end of Malawi Lake and sits as the world’s first freshwater national park. The park includes property around cap and bay and up to 100 meters (330 ft) off shore from the lake and the islands. Here we find a true tropical fish aquarium with a vivid kaleidoscopic vision in crystal clear waters. The thousands of freshwater fish, the Mbuna, are in this world more abundant and diverse than anywhere else. Boats can be leased and the fish fed from the hand directly. Outside the lake, there several animal species seen around such as the baboons, antelopes and hyrax in the park and also at the lake shore, as they come to drink water. There also several tree species, found in the park such as the large baobab tree, which is believed to have existed for a very long time.

The park also offers specious accommodation facilities for the visitors for example, Norman Carr Cottages, the Blue Zebra Island Lodge among others, offers the best accommodation facilities and good service from the professional stuff at the lodges.

Nyika National Park

This National Park is the largest national park in Malawi which encompasses Nyika Plateau in the North and other regions. It covers an area of about 3200 square km. The term Nyika means “where the water comes from,” “small Greenland” and “natural forest.” The park provides several different ways, including the beautiful countryside with grasslands and wild flowers; there are over 400 species of birds, such as the wattle crane, the francolin red winged and the uncommon Denham bustard. The Neolithic shelter, waterfalls as well as trout ponds can be seen, as well as the Chisangaa Falls.

Visit the Nyika plateau and take time to visit the park, while in the forest, this is an awesome higher land, 2.100 m to 2.200 m in height with a maximum height of 2.605 m. The Nyika Plateau is partly the Nyika national park, spanning about 3,000 sq. km. It consists of rolling hills, broad valleys, streams and grasslands, and provides very beautiful scenery. The plateau is home of more than 200 species of orchids and harbors different animals such as zebras, duikers, leopards, elands and antelopes, the lion, as well as beautiful butterflies which stands as one of the beautiful sceneries you ought not miss to visit during nay of your safari visit in Malawi.

The has also offered various activities for the visitors visiting the park, during your safari stay, you can take part in the following activities such as trekking, mountain biking and nature walks where you will encounter various animal species roaming around the park. The park, offers various lodging facilities for the visitors ranging from the up-market to the budget accommodation facilities to suite the demands of the clients.

Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi, has become one of Zambia’s popular tourist destination receiving the biggest number of tourists visiting the place. Lake Malawi, the second deepest and third largest in Africa and the ninth largest in accordance with the size of the world, Lake Malawi is divided into two sections and its located in Tanzania between Mozambique and the Nyasa River, and in Mozambique, it is also known as Nyasa Bay, the famous explorer Dr. David Livingstone, a pioneering adventurer, explored Lake Malawi about 150 years ago. Besides its waters, lake Malawi is also diverse offering a wider number of species of freshwater and golden sand beaches, including over 700 species of cichlids, also offers various water sports activities such as snorkeling, water skiing, kayaking, sailing and diving can also be enjoyed on this lake for the visitors visiting lake Malawi.

The lake is very popular specially on the southern sector of lake Malawi, this part offers lovely landscapes and various attractive spots for Malawi tours for visitors in Malawi, such as Monkey Bay. Also, Malawi and in the industrial city of Blantyre which is also the portion of the bay.

For lodging facilities, there are several facilities offered for the visitors depending on the interest of the client the lodges range from up market to Budget facilities such as; campsites, lodges and cottages. For instance, the annual Nkopola Sunbird lodge offers some festivals such as the Lake of Stars music, also water sports activities take place in this area. The less populated and less developed portion of Lake Malawi is the North compared to the south, consists of various historic landmarks in Karonga and Livingstonia, visitors visiting lake Malawi, it is recommended that the best time of the year to visit is during the dry season in the Country, since it offers the perfect climate to carry out all the activities offered at the lake.

Liwonde National Park

Liwonde National Park, is Malawi’s popular national park, offering a wide range of attractions and a variety of activities for the visitors visiting the park, the park is famous for hosting anumber of wildlife species which is the main draw in the park. The park is situated on the southern part of Malawi at the edge of lake Malombe and also along the banks River Shire covering an area of about 580km. the park was gazette in 1973, despite the fact that the park does not host the Big five wild game, but still the animals found here are worth visiting including; the highest concentration of hippos, large herds of Elephants, zebras, leopards, kudus, waterbucks, warthogs, reedbucks, impalas, vervet monkeys, yellow baboons, visiting lions, spotted hyenas, also the crocodiles seen around the floodplains, grasslands and they area also found in River Shire. The park also harbors 9+bird’s species of over 400bird species making it one of the unique national parks for the birding safaris. The bird species spotted here include; Saddle-billed stork, the Brown-breasted Barber, Pel’s Fishing, Owl, and the African Skimmer, Fish Eagles among others.

Besides that, there other attractions including; rolling hills dominated by woodland and dry feed thickets, river thicket and seasonal streams, all of which provide a beautiful view of the park and stunning attractions for the visitors visiting the park. Despite the fact that, the park is open to visitors all year round, the best time of the year to visit the park, is during the dry season of the year.

The popular activities are boat safaris, game drives, nature walks, organized by most lodges for the visitors visiting the park, the park too offers various lodges for the visitors staying at Liwonde national park, accommodation options include; Mvuu lodge (luxury), there also campsites and lodges at an affordable price including; Bushmen’s Baobab, Liwonde Safari Camp, Mvuu camp and campsite among others. Access to the park is easy there is chartered flight offering trips to the nearest airstrip at Mvuu lodge.


Lilongwe is the largest and most important town in Malawi. It is the capital city of Malawi, where the City offers wide range of services for the people living in the country. When you visit Malawi do not miss to explore the beautiful city of Lilongwe. You will have an opportunity to visit the market, coffee shops, bus stations, restaurants offering delicious meals and more modern buildings. The former city hosts embassies, public institutions, hotels, various offices. It is also a more vibrant city. It is located in the center of Malawi, near the borders of Zambia and Mozambique.  Lilongwe has a population of 1,000,000 people, and less than Blantyre.

Lilongwe, named after a nearby river, is on the inner plains of the world and is one of the country’s biggest towns. In 1904 it became the capital of the colonial district. In the 1920s, Lilongwe was an important agricultural market center for the fertile central plateau of the neighboring cigarettes and its position at the junction of a number of major roads. In 1965, Hastings Kamuzu Banda, Malawi’s first president, selected it for northern and central Malawi as an economic growth point. Development began in 1968 as Lilongwe’s new national capital.

Likoma Island

Likoma Island is found in the North-East corner of Lake Malawi, in Mozambique’s seas. There’s plenty of clear waters, sandy beaches and cichlids surrounding the island–some of them endemic in the likoma region.

The island, which is only 17km2, and comprises one city, Likoma City, is the third largest cathedral in Central Africa, St Peter’s established in the early 1900’s. there are various place you can visit ranging from the markets, visit to the local villages can be done when you visit these area. To access the region, you can take scheduled flights to the island from Lilongwe and Likoma, you can also reach by boat among others which is a fun experience as you will stunning views as you cruise on the water.

Zomba Plateau

Zomba plateau, offers one of the best safari attractions for the visitors in Malawi, the plateau, is a vast block of pines, cedar and Cyprus measuring up to about 1800 m, it comprises of stunning views offering a number of attractions, including the waterfalls, lakes, dams among others. Situated in the old city of Malawi, the Zomba plateau is a home to many animal species such as occasional leopards, baboons seen at the lower slopes of the plateau, there also bird species like the long-crested eagle, Augur buzzard among others, there various activities done here including the nature walks, where you will have an opportunity to encounter different birds and game, there also colorful butterflies that will be able to see around this place. Other activities to do in this region include visits to the old town, cycling, watersheds, fishing, mountain biking and riding.

Zomba’s best way to reach it is by taxi or by car, the high and steep areas can be reached by hiking or climbing which is a great experience as you explore and enjoy the cooler temperatures and the incredible views of this plateau.

The Ku Chawe Inn, which is located on the edge of the mountain, is located around the plateau and a large campground for camping enthusiasts.

Tobacco Auctions

This is the worlds biggest producer of burley tobacco, the tobacco Auctions, is situated 7km north of Lilongwe city offering the largest production of Tobacco. The tobacco auctions, take place in various warehouses in Lilongwe and in Limbe. The tobacco auction season takes place in the month of April and September and it’s the perfect season of the year to visit these places. The main activities here is the view of process of productions, how tobacco is bought and sold.

To access the industrial area, you can take a taxi or mini bus offering transport facilities to that destination then you will transfer to the industrial area of the start of your trip.

Mulange Mountain

The highest mountain in central Africa is Mountain Mulanje located on the border with Mozambique in southern Malawi, close to Blantyre city. Mulanje is a broad massif, which ranges over 22x 26 kilometers at the highest peak of the island and rises up to 3 000 meters.

Mulange mountains, is one of the best destinations in Malawi that shouldn’t be missed by any visitor to have an opportunity to stroll along the majestic slopes of Mount Mulanje, the highest peak in Central Africa.