Malindi 2020: Kenya Malindi Guide, Best of Malindi

Malindi is one of the tropical towns that are located on an extension of Halcyon Beaches with a fascinating shelter on the northern coast of Kenya.

Malindi towns give you a chance to experience intriguing mix of new and old. Along the Malindi tropical town you will encounter with a rim of palm beaches which host luxurious resorts that will offer you an exclusive service with a complimentary of a personalized service. The beaches in Malindi are about 20 kilometers from the Gede Ruins which was initially a town that was established in the 12th century and in the 17th century the town flourished. The Gede Ruins is bordered by the Arabuko –Sokoke forest which is the only largest coastal forest in Africa.

Along the seafront road adjacent the jetty you will Vasco Da Gama Pillar/ this one of the oldest monument that is remaining in Africa and it constructed by the explorers. The monument was constructed in 1498 by the Vasco Da Gama who showered appreciation for his warm welcome when he was received by the sultan of Malindi town. The Vasco Da Gama pillar has an original cross on the is made out of Lisbon limestone. On the opposite of the monument you will encounter with an ancient east African church which was a small Portuguese chapel called St Francis Xavier. This was constructed in 1542 and it is a surrounding of a small very old commentary.

The Malindi museum that is situated on the sea promenade which is close to the jetty has a fascinating exhibition about the history of Malindi town. You will as well encounter with craft shops, bars and restaurants as well as night clubs in the modern day town Centre. The Watuma Marine parks as well as Malindi were put in existence in the year 1968 which were the first of their kind in Africa. These marine parks are full of a diversity of coral kingdoms and they home to varied colored fish species such as the surgeons, the trigger fish, Angel and the butterfly fish. Activities that you can enjoy with the marine department include the glass bottom ride where you will get a chance to view the aquatic marvels, you will enjoy a boat cruise rides which can be hired privately for either full day or half day excursions. Other activities including snorkeling, scuba diving.

How to Get to Malindi

From Nairobi, you will board a flight that will drop you at the Malindi Airport which is located about 2.5 kilometers from the Mombasa Roads that is surrounded by scenic wonderful coconut plantations. There are delay flights operated between Malindi and Mombasa plus Lamu and Nairobi. The Malindi Airport serves private charters on request.

For travelers that are convenient with road transport, there are good tarmacked roads from Mombasa to Malindi town and Mombasa town is Approximately 120 kilometers from Malindi.

Things to do in Malindi town.

  • Enjoy exploring the old town of Gede Ruins
  • Enjoy activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, boat cruise rides, swimming, windsurfing, and deep sea fishing among other water sports activities that you will enjoy when you visit the Malindi Marine reserves.
  • Enjoy the Tan on the Beach or on the pools of the resorts.

The Malindi Experience

The major key attraction in Malindi town is the sweeping endless fascinating white sandy beaches as well as the warm blue tropical waters. The beach resorts and hotels in Malindi offer a diversity of water sports activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, windsurfing, paddle boating among others. The tour to Malindi allows you to explore the historical sites of Malindi town and some of the historical sites to visit include the Malindi Museum, the Gede Ruins old town among others.

Malindi accommodation

Ocean beach Resort and spa

The Resort is located on the white sandy dunes which are outdoors the Malindi town. The resort offers a graceful old world excitement and its accommodation is luxurious with appointed suites which are overlooking the tropical gardens as well as the Indian Ocean. You will enjoy a delightful array of delicious marine cuisines which is freshly caught sea food and you will be pampered with the rejuvenating wellness plus the special treatment or massage at the spa.

Diamonds Dream of Africa

The resort hosts exotic indo-Arabic wonderful Archectural as well as Swahili charm. It is an inclusive resort which delivers to its best and it ensures satisfaction while on your holiday safari vacation. You will enjoy a true life time dream experience as you enjoy relaxing. The resorts has a well-stocked bar plus an amazing restaurant, a spa, the GYM and you will enjoy an evening animation programme which is a great recreation activity that is an ideal for almost everyone.

Best time to Visit Malindi Kenya

The Malindi town experiences a warm tropical climate that is characterized by hot temperature and humidity throughout the year. The temperatures of the town often drop to 20 -30 degrees Celsius. The short rains come between October and November while as the long rains is experienced between April and July.