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Maputo capital City of Mozambique

Dynamic city with an evocative blend of European architecture and African theme.

The capital of Mozambique is a curious collision of centuries-old styles. Distinct neighbourhoods have a Mediterranean feel, epitomized by al fresco dining and the smell of free coffee. Crumbling colonial-era ruins are scattered throughout the area, together with communist blocks and free-fighter’s monuments. In the markets and close to the dock, unmistakable African colours and charms come from cottages with small plastic tables. whiffs of fresh seafood. Sections of the city are also nasty and squalid, civil war hawks or indicators of injustice within the region. Every single area has the advantages. There is no area in which the charm lies. Thus, when you explore Maputo on your own, you can be a little scary. While Maputo is the main airport in Mozambique, many tourists travel rapidly to one of Mozambique’s beaches. Go with a guide and give you a fascinating and insight into the complexity of the past and present in Africa.