Mikeno Mountain is one of Congo’s famous tourist attractions, the mountain has become one of the most common places tourists will love to visit during any of their Congo safari tour or visits to the country. The Mikeno Mountain lies deep within the Congo Forest, and the Virunga Mountains are the most common attractions of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Nonetheless, visitors interested in this event will have a wonderful rewarding experience that you don’t want to skip during any of Congo’s safari tours Mikeno Mountain is located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the mountain is part of the Virunga National Park and is known for the harbouring of the worlds endangered mountain gorillas, the fact that the gorillas live in this mountain, it has attracted a number of visitors in Congo to easily visit the Mikeno mountains on many occasions. The gorillas love to stay at the edge of the mountains, the Mikeno mountain mist is easily reached when you pass through Bukima border patrol post of the Democratic republic of Congo.

Description of the Mikeno mist

Mikeno is one of the volcanoes of the Virunga Mountain of eastern Congo. Mikeno mountain is one of the extinct volcanoes of Virunga national park. The Mikeno Mountain is also the second highest mountain after the Karisimbi Mountain which measures up to an elevation of around 14557 ft above sea level, and the Peak is also one of the Virunga Mountains. The term Mikeno is derived from a local word to means poor, the name Mikeno came has a result of the rugged nature of the slopes which didn’t not support human settlement. The Mikeno mountain lies within the DR. Congo in the Virunga national park. the mountain covers a distance of about 5.5km north west of mount Karisimbi lying in the boarder of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The mountain is famous for tourism activities and its best known as a home to the endangered mountain gorillas that live in the democratic republic of Congo in the Virunga national park.

Tourist activities in the mikeno mountain

The Mikeno mountain is a famous region for gorilla trekking, the mountain harbours the gorilla population that live in the democratic republic of Congo. Mountain Mikeno is one of the best regions to visit during any of your African safaris and purposely to the democratic republic of Congo. During any of your safari visits, to the Virunga national park, the fast-magnificent feature you will view is the Mikeno mountains which can only be seen in the democratic republic of Congo. do not miss to visit these magical mountains during your safari in Congo since it offers you a lot of attractions and much more to learn and enjoy in this great mountain.

There many activities you can do while in the Mikeno mountains in the democratic republic of Congo. These activities include among others;

Mountain gorilla trekking;

gorilla trekking is one of the popular tourist activities that has attracted many tourists in the region, and mainly to the Virunga national park Mountain gorillas have become the world’s largest primates, and the Democratic Republic of Congo gives you a great opportunity to see these animals without trouble than any other East African destination renowned for gorilla trekking. Dian Fossey, a famous protagonist / zoologist, brought the Mikeno mountains accessible to the outside world because of her various works while She was still employed in the Virunga National Park. She managed to save the mountain gorillas as they were on the verge of extinction and also wrote numerous books on the life of the mountain gorillas in the national park of Virunga.

Hiking in Mikeno mountain;

travellers visiting the Mikeno mountains, can also do hiking activities, the mountain is known to be challenging and one of the hardest mountains to climb, the mountain has a poor terrain as the name goes Mikeno, which makes it difficult to hike to the top and its also tiresome but it comes with much fun and excitement once you make it to the top. From the top of Mikeno, you have amazing views of the East African rift valley with a dense forest of verdant and the scarred lakes.

A visit to the Mikeno mountains, offers also a chance to spot some of the primate species living in Virunga national park, during the visit, you will spot interesting animals like the baboons, Monkeys, if lucky enough, you may spot the golden monkeys, bird species can also be spotted, a lot of butterflies, magnificent vegetation full of ferns, shrubs and trees.

Proper equipment required for Mikeno visit in Congo

The most important thing is to make sure that you have booked your safari to democratic republic of Congo through any of the tour companies offering tour packages to Mikeno mountain, before your actual dates of your visit in east Africa. Also make sure you have packed the right hiking equipment that will help smoothen and make the hike even easier. During the hike, in case the luggage is heavy and you will need some assistance, you can opt to hire a porter to help with the luggage but an extra little cost.

 You’ll need to wear proper jungle wardrobe colours such as green coloured shoes, khaki safari clothes, and hiking boots to keep you comfortable during the Mikeno hike. Since the gorillas are not skilled at shouting colours.

Also remember to carry your documents for the boarder check point as this is so important and its required of any one in case your crossing the boarder to the democratic republic of Congo. The passport should be valid for at least a period of six months also remember to get a yellow fever vaccine since you will be required to show a yellow fever card indicating that you where vaccinated and other documents explained to you by your travel consultant.

A camera is also good as it will help capture photos of interest and record videos which can be used for your memories during your visit in Africa, binoculars would also help in viewing distant features like the birds, and other animals that live up on the trees which may be hard to view with the physical eye, animals such as the black and white colobus monkeys, okapi, olive baboons, chimpanzee and many others.

Where to stay in during the Mikeno Mountain visit

During your visit to Mikeno mountains, you book accommodation in Kirumba tented camp as it’s the one stop centre for all the visitors to Mikeno mountain in democratic Republic of Congo. The kirumba tented camp is situated in southwestern part of the Virunga mountains on the slopes on Mikeno mountains famously known for gorilla trekking. The other accommodation in the park is mikeno lodge situated inside the Virunga national park. mikeno mountain is one of the perfect places to visit therefore, any traveller in democratic republic of Congo should take time and visit the Mikeno mountain you will absolutely love it.