Bisoke Crater Lake

Mount Bisoke Crater Lake – Bisoke Crater Lake is one of the fascinating natural features situated on the summit of mount Bisoke which is one of the easiest volcanic mountains to hike while trekking. Bisoke Mountain is situated in volcanoes national park in Rwanda which is one of the destinations in Africa to trek the habituated Mountain Gorillas in their natural habitat. Mount Bisoke is found on an altitude of about 3700m, the intriguing mountain reflects a conic shape of the great volcano and within its crater, there is an amazing deep crater lake.

Hiking Mountain Bisoke will take you about 6 hours and this is inclusive of the 2 hours of descending back at the starting point. For travelers are physically fit and have experience in hiking will take only 3 hours to hike and only one hour to descend back to the starting point.

While hiking mount Bisoke, you will encounter with numerous levels of vegetation cover which starts with the Bamboo Forests, then the Hypericum forests, Senecio and as you are nearing the Lobelia bush you will start to view the Bisoke Crater Lake in a distance before you reach the summit of the mountain.

Hiking to Bisoke Crater Lake begins at 7:00 am with briefing at the volcano park headquarters situated at Kinigi, it is here during the briefing that grouped and assigned a park ranger guide who is very knowledgeable with park and the mountain. Then at exactly 8:00 am you will begin the hiking adventure experience with hired porters to assist you to carry your back pack bag and other luggage.

Mount Bisoke Crater Lake Hike is charged about 75 USD per person and the fee is inclusive of a park ranger guide. Booking the Bisoke lake hike can be done directly at the park headquarters and there is advance booking required you interest to explore the Bisoke crater lake if you have already visited Volcanoes national park.

How to make booking for Bisoke Crater Lake hike

Feel free to contact Adventure in the Wild Safaris one of the leading safari experts that will assist you to arrange and book your hiking permit to Bisoke Crater Lake, our package includes booking for the accommodation of your choice and all transportation required while on your safari.

However it is important that know the hiking gears to Bisoke Crater Lake. We present to you some of the hiking equipment that will help you have a successful thrilling experience during the Hike the Summit

Strong hiking gum boats and gloves

Don’t forget to carry your strong hiking gums boots which are light to enhance movement on the slippery steeps of mount Bisoke. hiking mount Bisoke can be very fascinating if have the gum boots due to the fact during the rainy season, the mountain is wet slippery but with the boots movement can be easy and they are also needed during the dry season as one of the hiking gears.

The hand gloves with help to protect your hands from germs since during the hiking there are some point were your hiking will supported by the plants which will keep touching so as give you support as proceed with the hiking.

We also advise travelers to carry their strong waterproof rain jackets that can be of use in case it rains on your hiking experience to Bisoke Crater Lake. On the other hand hikers are required to carry enough water and snacks which will quench off their thirsty and give them energy to continue hiking.

Travelers are as well advised to be inquisitive keeping the hears and eyes open since by coincidence you can land on a gorilla family, thus you need to be careful that you see it be sees you to act aggressive.

It is important to note that the summit of mount Bisoke offers a rewarding thrilling lifetime experience since you will have an insight to enjoy the glimpse sight of the forest cover at the rim of the crater as well as the astounding spectacular beauty of the Mount Bisoke crater lake.