Hiking Mount Kahuzi in Congo

Hiking mount Kahuzi is another great rewarding alternative activity that travelers can enjoy after exploring an extremely fascinating lowland gorilla trekking experience in Kahuzi Biega national park. Hiking mount Kahuzi takes about 4 hours ascending and travelers should expect to hike through the bamboo forest as well as the sub-alpine vegetation while descending back will take travelers about 3 hours.

During the hiking adventure of Kahuzi Biega national park travelers will get an opportunity to encounter with the lowland gorillas at the slopes of the mountain as well as animals such as the white and black monkeys, the red monkeys, the golden monkeys, forest elephants, owl-faced monkey among other animals as well as birdlife which offers an exciting experience while hiking.

When travelers reach at the summit of mount Kahuzi, they will have an insight to enjoy the wonderful views of Lake Kivu, Bukavu town, views to explore Kahuzi Biega national park, the surrounding forest community landscape among others

When to go hiking at mount Kahuzi Biega

For travelers who are interested in hiking mount Kahuzi, we that you recommend to travel in the dry season in the months of January, February, June, July, September and august when there is little or no rain expected to destruct the hiking experience. During the dry season the slopes of Mount Kahuzi are not wet, muddy and slippery thus giving awesome experiences to travelers compared to the wet season.

In the rainy season, the ground is wet and slippery thus making hiking difficult for travelers and the roads accessing Kahuzi Biega are also muddy and slippery. However in the rainy season the lodges offer discounted accommodation rates for all travelers due the fact that they have less occupancy. This is during the months of October to November, march to October where there is a lot of heavy rains in this period.

Hiking mount Kahuzi is open to all travelers throughout the year, however regardless of when the traveler is going to travel, it is important to know what to carry for the hiking safari to Mount. Kahuzi. Some of the hiking gears include; strong and light gum boots that enhance the movement while hiking, water proof rain jackets that will useful in case it rains while hiking, garden gloves which will protect your hands from germs as you try to get support from the tree branches as you hike, the long socking to protect your skin from thorny shrubs, an African hut and glasses that will protect you from direct sunrays among others