Mount Kahuzi

Mount Kahuzi is one of the active volcanic mountains that are situated Kahuzi Biega national park co-existing together with mount Biega in the Democratic Republic of Congo and it is one of the world heritage sites.  Mount. Kahuzi is at the summit of Mitumba mountain ranges which is situated west along the shores of Lake Kivu with in the Albertine rift valley corridor.

The flora and fauna of mount Kahuzi

The mountain is dominated by wet lowland tropical rainforests, Afro montane vegetation with tree heathers all over the forest and the rainforests have been undergoing a transition forest change such as from the net forest loss to net forest gain for a long time. Wildlife found at mount Kahuzi include the eastern lowland gorillas whose population was about 275 individuals though this was affected by the political wars in Congo thus reduced the lowland gorilla population. At the slopes on mount. Kahuzi dominated by the montane forest there is the mount Kahuzi climbing mouse.

When to visit mount Kahuzi?

Mount Kahuzi in Kahuzi Biega national park is famous for the astounding mountain climbing adventure that offers travelers extremely exciting lifetime experience after trekking the eastern lowland gorillas which is one of the popular key activity enjoyed on a safari to the Democratic republic of Congo by all travelers from all over the world that come to Africa.

The climbing mount Kahuzi offers travelers an insight to enjoy the scenic beauty of Lake Kivu, Bukavu town and the surrounding landscape and travelers will as well get opportunity to encounter with the eastern lowland gorillas. The hiking period takes 4 hours ascending through the sub alpine vegetation and bamboo forest to access the summit of the mountain; on the other hand, descending takes a period of 3 hours.

The best time to visit mount. Kahuzi is during the dry season when the ground is not wet, muddy and slippery thus climbing the reach the top of the mountain becomes easy and it may take lesser hours compared to the rainy season. The dry season in Kahuzi Biega national park is during the months January to February, June, July, august to September, during the this period the temperatures are hot during day time and in the night hours its cold, there is little or no rain that will destruct the hiking adventure experience