Mount Karisimbi

Mount Karisimbi is one of the volcano mountains found in Virunga region, mount karisimbi is the highest among the volcanoes found in the Virunga region. The extinct volcano is located in the National Park of Volcanoes and at the boundary between Rwanda and the DR Congo. Mount rises to 4,507 meters and is flanked by other local volcanoes such as Mikeno, Nyiragongo and Bisoke. Mount Karisimbi, derived it name form the local Kinyarwanda word to mean “white shell”, which is the snow that normally covers the top of the mountain during the dry season of the year, at the  peak of mount Karisimbi , you will find a Branca caldera and two craters with Mutango being the highest.

Mount Karisimbi Hike

Visitors visiting the volcanoes national park in Rwanda, purposely for gorilla trekking, end up taking a hike to Mount Karisimbi as a supplement to the Rwanda Gorilla trekking. although the two activities can be so strenuous, but it offers an exciting experience due to the fact that, the mountain is located within the volcanoes national park,  you will also have an opportunity to spot  lot more other exciting attractions such as the golden monkeys, several bird species, and the mountain gorillas but the gorillas are not common seen passing close to Dian Fossey grave European protagonist who dedicated her live in the conservation of the mountain gorillas. When passing along the trail, on top of the volcano, harbours great attractions like the physical features, volcanic features, dense forest and vegetation which offer great attractions and interesting to look at.  hiking Mount Karisimbi is best achieved during the drier time of the year that is between January to March, and from July and early October, though in the rainy season, the hiking could require walking through thick jungle, steep slopes and muddy paths which makes the hiking a little bit challenging. It’s for this purpose, that hiking mount Karisimbi would be best during the dry season of the year.

Climbing mount Karisimbi, requires one to be physically fit and have enough energy and stamina in order to navigate along the steep slopes, muddy and challenging areas of the mountain. Due to the challenges, you are advised to take a porter with you, they help in carrying your property and also offer a push or pull incise the hike gets tougher.

The hike to Mount Karisimbi, will take you approximately 2 days to get to the top and descend from the mountain. The hike starts as early as 7:00am with a briefing at the park headquarters for registration and to be briefed by the rangers /warden of the park. after the briefing, the driver who is also the guide will transfer you to the starting point of the hike. Ascending to the top of the mountain, will take you about 7 hours but you will be allowed to rest midway the mountain at an altitude of 3,700 metres for an overnight stay. There is a camp place set on to there and dinner is prepared for all the trekkers in preparation for the final stage of the hike the following day. After an early breakfast, you will then start the nest hike which will last about 1 hour but this stage is a bit challenging as the mud gets thicker and wet, too much strong winds, and fog covering the all place which makes visibility even a little difficult.

While at the top, the views form the top, are spectacular and interesting to look at you will be able to view Muhavura volcano, the Nyamuragira Volcano, the Nyiragongo volcano, the dense forests, the vegetation, and many more. Thereafter the great views and finally you have had enough time, you will start to descent back to the starting point which will cover about 6 hours of your time, where the guide will transfer you back to the park headquarters.

Packing List and tips required in Hiking Mount Karisimbi

 The office for Rwanda tourism and managing national parks, provides guides who help hikers in the navigating of the different trails during the hike. Therefore, trekkers are also advised to come with the following essentials.

Good hiking shoes sweater / warm clothes, a lightweight heavy jumper, a hat and a walking stick A tent for camping overnight A sleeping bag Packed provisions for the overnight stay until hitting the top, you will also need porters to help carry your backpack, tents, Cameras, and other equipment of your importance.

Mount Karisimbi Hiking permits

Karisimbi hiking permits are usually purchased from headquarters in the park. The permit can be purchased on the day of the walk, but it is highly recommended that you book in advance just to make sure they expect you and also have an ample time in preparation for this activity. The Mount Karisimbi hiking permit costs 400USD per person. When you book your Rwanda safari with as at adventure in the wild safaris, we will carry the entire burden and arrange for you the whole safari.  We will provide transport, booking for you the accommodation, and securing your hiking permit in advance, planning to have a trip, reach to us we have a team of experienced staff ranging from tour guides, are a available to help you plan one of the best and life changing experience after the hike to Mount Karisimbi. You can also book gorilla trekking safari with the hike to any of the volcano mountains for the travellers who physically fit and take longer hikes.

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