Mountain gorillas are only seen in Uganda, Rwanda and DRC. These endangered apes have an amazing lifestyle and habits ranging from the young to adults.

These gorillas live in groups of about 8 to 30 members including females and young ones all under the leadership of an adult silverback who is just like their father. The silver back leader is always intelligent and protects his members against intruders and he is the decision maker on travelling, feeding trips, resting as well as solving conflicts within his group. The silverbacks have a grey hair on their back hence named “silverbacks”. Just like other animals, male  mountain gorillas are ranked according to their size and they can weigh up to 200kg and 1.70 meter high when standing up but all in all, the silverback is given the highest rank and respect by his members.

Female gorilla takes 4 years to produce another young one and that explains why these apes are few in number. A baby gorilla weighs 2.5kg which is almost half of a human baby but the apes grows very fast and they can walk within 40 days.

Unluckily when a silverback dies, the next leading silverback tends to kill all the young ones so as to create his new generation.

In Uganda, a day for these apes begin as early as 6 am from where they start to gather food. They spent 30% of their time gathering food, 30% travelling and 40% resting. The primates feed mostly on foliage, plants, stems and shoots(87%), ants and other insects, flowers and fruits. The adult ones feed on 60 pounds of vegetation every day. When there is scarcity of food, the gorillas move to a different place to search for food and this has kept them healthy and strong.

In the afternoons they relax and the young ones play and jump around. This is the most important in the life of these primates. You will watch the happy friendly family that enjoys their habitat.

Gorillas are generally shy primates but when attacked or provoked can become aggressive by beating their chests, slapping and tearing vegetation, sideways running and they can attack you especially the leader and females who fight to protect their infants.

In the evenings, they start building their nests preparing for the night and each gorilla constructs his nest but only the infant sleep near their mothers.