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The Mountain Gorilla also scientifically Known as Gorilla beringei beringei is a Sub specie of the Eastern Gorillas. As the name implies, the Mountain Gorillas are known to live in the Mountainous region of the Virunga Massif. To date there are no Mountain Gorillas known to live in captivity as they have never been able to survive in captivity as compared to the lowland gorillas which are found in zoos across the world. The Mountain Gorilla in Africa is found in three countries, Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo where they live in the four protected national Parks, the Virunga national Park in Congo, The Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda. The Mountain Gorillas are enlisted as an endangered species and as of 2019 there about 1063 Mountain Gorillas left in the world.

Bwindi gorilla trekkingMountain gorilla Africa, Mountain Gorilla in Africa

Being an endangered sub species, many travelers come to see the Mountain Gorilla in Africa in its natural habitat.  Gorilla trekking as an activity started in 1993 with the very first tourist coming to the Bwindi Impenetrable forest national Park to see the Mountain Gorilla. To date, many travelers come to Africa to see the Mountain Gorillas, with Mountain Gorilla Trekking now available in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo at all the national Parks where Mountain Gorillas are found in their Natural Habitat.

Mountain gorillas Uganda, Mountain Gorillas in Uganda

The Mountain Gorillas in Uganda can be found in the Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga Gorilla national parks. As of 2019, the Mountain Gorilla Population in Uganda Over 450 individuals which accounts to almost half of the Mountain Gorilla Population. Some scientists have previously suggested that the Mountain Gorilla in Bwindi may be a different sub species, however there has not been any conclusive research on the matter.  There are currently 19 Habituated Mountain Gorilla Groups in Uganda, which are available for tourists to track. This means that currently Uganda leads by being the most visited destination for Mountain Gorilla Trekking.  The habituated Mountain Gorilla groups are fund in four sectors of Bwindi, and one in Mgahinga

Habituated Mountain Gorilla Groups in Bwindi 2019

  •  Habinyaja, Rushegura, Katwe and Mubare Gorilla groups in the Buhoma sector
  • Nsonji, Mishaya, Bweza, Kahunjye, Businjye, Rwiji, Muchunguzi and Bikyinji Gorilla groups in the Rushaga sector
  • Kyaguriro, Bitukura, Mukizo and Oruzogo Gorilla groups in the Ruhija sector
  • Nkuringo, Bishasho and Christmas Gorilla groups in the Nkuringo sector

There is one Habituated Mountain Gorilla Group in Mgahinga, Known as Nyakagezi Group. Recently the Hirwa Mountain Gorilla Family migrated from Volcanoes national Park in Rwanda to Mgahinga in Uganda.

Mountain gorilla in Rwanda, Mountain Gorillas Rwanda

Rwanda also known as the land of a thousand hills is also home to the Mountain Gorillas. The Mountain Gorilla in Rwanda can be found in Parc National Des Volcans (Volcanoes National Park). Rwanda Gorilla trekking currently attracts several visitors to Rwanda which has rebranded itself as a luxury Gorilla Trekking Destination.  The Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Permit is currently the most expensive Going for $1500 USD.

Mountain gorilla population 2019/2020

There are currently 1063 Mountain Gorillas left in the world as of 2019. Over the years, the mountain gorilla’s population had drastically reduced due to poaching and encroachment on their natural habitat. The Mountain Gorillas became an endangered species which prompted the respective governments to establish protected areas where the mountain gorillas are found. The conservation efforts have since led to the stability in the mountain gorilla population which is slowing increasing.

Mountain gorilla trekking tours, mountain gorilla tours Africa

Mountain Gorilla Trekking tours are on the bucket list of most travelers who visit.  An Africa Safari to see the mountain gorillas has been referred to by many travelers as a once in a lifetime experience. The hike through the Jungles of Bwindi, Virunga, Volcanoes and or Mgahinga to see the mountain Gorillas takes between one to eight hours, this may seem much but it is indeed a very exciting experience when you finally meet the mountain gorillas.  The mountain Gorillas Share up to 98% of their DNA with humans and as such only follow the chimpanzees who are our closest cousins.


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