Mountain gorilla’s nest lodge, Volcanoes national Park

Mountain gorilla’s nest lodge  – The lodge is situated in the eucalyptus forest trees in musanza district in the in the northern region of Rwanda. The accommodation is overlooking the beautiful rolling hills of volcanoes national park. The accommodation cottages are organized in a semi-circle and they are around 40 rooms around the central courtyard. The rooms are big enough to accommodate four people and they are recommended for family travelers as well as group travelers, they have a wonderful living room that has an entry to the balcony, an inbuilt spacious bathroom that have free toiletries as well as installed hot and cold showers among other unique features.

The service at the lodge is superb with well trained and professional staff that is ready to offer you a serve and attend to you all the time. The restaurant offers options of A La carte menu, full course buffets are available as well as barbecue options and it serves both African local dishes and international dishes and there is a continental breakfast buffet served every morning.