Top of the Falls Tour

Murchison Falls Hike to the top of the falls – A visit to the top of the Murchison falls is an experience you ought not to miss on your Uganda safari. The top of the falls is the best spot to view how the Nile River showcases its true beauty as it penetrates through the 7m wide gorge forming the most beautiful and strongest falls in the world. The place can be reached by car or by hiking through the designed trail after the boat cruise along the Victoria Nile to the bottom of the falls. Driving from Kichumbanyobo gate to the top of the falls takes a maximum of ano hour and hiking from the point where the boat drops guests to the top of the falls takes about 45 minutes.

The falls were named Murchison by Sir Samuel Baker and his wife Florence Baker who came to thoroughly explore and confirm their presence and beauty after information had been taken by the first explorers to see them, those were John Speke and James Grant. Roderick Murchison was the then President of Royal Geographical Socitey.

When you arrive at the site before setting the eyes on the falls, you will hear the roars of water as it hits the rocks and flows down a height of about 43m. You’ll finally see these thrilling waterfalls like no other in the world.

Those who hike to the top of the falls go through the Winston Churchill trail which is believed to have been used by the explorer Churchill Winston when he was moving down from the top to the bottom of the falls before crossing the Nile to proceed to the northern side of Uganda. Putting together all this beauty including what he had seen at the falls and other areas in the country, Winston Churchill terms Uganda as the Pearl of Africa.